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A pledge to help 50,000 graduates begin their career this year
    graduates have secured internships this year so far
    About the campaign

    Every year, 60 lakh graduate from colleges across India but only 8% are employable. This is a massive problem which needs to be tackled right away and for this, Internshala and Facebook India have joined hands to launch India Employed campaign. Internships are a solution to this problem and a stepping stone for the rest ~90% to build their careers.

    Through this campaign, recent graduates can apply for internships matching their requirements and all these internships come with a pre-placement offer (PPO). So after the internship, the student has a chance to land a job in the same company! Through this campaign, we hope to create a difference by helping 50,000 graduates begin their career with an internship by 31st March 2018.

    Brands offering PPO internships

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who can apply for the internships listed in the India Employed campaign?

    All the students who have recently graduated or are in final year can apply to the internships. However, interested students from any year can enroll and apply to the internships subject to their availability for pre-placement offer (in case offered).
    Please note - you must have an Internshala account (create one here) and your profile must be completed before you apply to internships.

    2. What is the timeline of India Employed campaign?

    The India Employed campaign will go live on 21st September. We will keep adding internships in this campaign till 31st March 2018.

    3. Which internship profiles are available in this campaign?

    Internships are available for students in fields like – Engineering, Management, Content Writing, Design, Fashion, Journalism etc.

    4. Which internship types will be available in India Employed campaign?

    There will be full-time in-office internships or work from home internships. The internship type will be mentioned in the internship details page. Once the internships are live, you can have a look.

    5. What will be the duration of the internships?

    The duration of internships can range from 1-6 months. You can check it once the internships go live.

    6. What is PPO (Pre-placement offer)?

    Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) is an offer of a job, given by an organization to a student (former intern) who pursued an internship at the firm.

    7. Am I guaranteed a pre-placement offer if I get selected for an internship through this campaign?

    No, you are not guaranteed a pre-placement offer. The decision to provide pre-placement offer lies with the organization and it mostly depends on your performance during the internship.

    8. Do I need to pay any fee to apply to internships?

    No, You can apply to internships for free! :)

    9. What will be the deadline for applying to these internships?

    Each internship has its own deadline. When the internships go live on 21st September, check for the ‘Apply By’ date.

    10. If I don't want to take the PPO after the internship, will the company still provide me with the internship certificate?

    Yes, you will be provided with the internship certificate whether you take the PPO or not.

    11. How much salary will I be offered post internship?

    It will totally depend on the organization you are interning with.

    12. Can I apply to more than one internship?

    Yes, if you pass the eligibility criteria, you may apply to as many internships as you like.

    13. I have a question that has not been answered here, what should I do?

    Please write to us on and we would be happy to help.