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Work from home in the coolest brands like 9XM, FTV, WWF, CRY, Sportskeeda & many more
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1-day virtual internships with Nidhi Mohan Kamal, Shivya Nath & DJ NYK along with an opportunity of a full-time internship
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13000+ work from home internships with stipend up to ₹1.8 lacs
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Raghav Mathur
Intern, Sportskeeda
What I believe is this pandemic can force us to stay at home, but not stop us from working. Staying at home was never an excuse so I started applying for internships that match my interest. I was then hired by Sportskeeda and my experience with them has been great till date. I got to know and learn about many things. Internshala has always helped me in finding internships that match my interest. I am happy with my internship and by the fact that I am able to use my time in the most productive way.

Priyanka Tiwari
Content writing intern, Exambazaar
I got the opportunity of working with Exambazaar in February 2020. Soon after that, India has been under lockdown. I thus joined as a virtual content writing intern with the team and was in no time dissolved well with my teammates and working on the current affairs for Exambazaar always helped me in keeping myself updated with the latest news. Amidst the lockdown, Internshala gave me a great opportunity to work trouble-free from home and make money.

Juanita Vanga
Binge-watching intern, MyMovieRack
During the pandemic, Internshala gave me an opportunity to intern for MyMovieRack that combined binge-watching shows and reviewing them. Nervous as I was to mess this opportunity up, my experience turned out pretty great and exciting. From analyzing and appreciating the artistic and technical effort that goes into the making of a movie to increasing my professional writing skills, this internship gave me a taste of the online review culture & my first ever stipend as a student. All in all, it was a wish granted :)
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This campaign features 13000+ work from home internships across various profiles. Along with this, 1-day internships with big brands like 9XM, FTV, WWF India and youth stars like DJ NYK, Shivya Nath, Nidhi Mohan Kamal & many more are also available.
Yes, you can earn a stipend of up to INR 1.8 lacs.
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