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Intern hiring tips & resources

An employer's guide to Internshala services
Before hiring, while hiring, and after hiring interns - some expert tips for employers to make the best use of Internshala services in their quest of hiring interns.
5 questions you must ask while interviewing a prospective intern
Hire interns, groom them, and make them leaders. But how to find good interns? Asking these 5 questions to the prospective candidates, while interviewing, will help you make an informed decision.
Hiring Interns: things to keep in mind
An internship programme is the best way to tap into the young talent and can do wonders to your business. However, there may be few situations you may face while hiring interns, and here's how you can avoid them.
How to select the right interns for your company
How to hire great interns for your startup? Harshad Bhagwat, founder of WordsMaya, shares his experience of hiring interns and provides tips and insights for startups on how to use Internshala.