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I liked how they took a small issue seriously and addressed it personally over phone. Keep up the customer service.
It was overall a good experience and I would like to thank the team for the quick response.I would like to use Internshala in the future.
Pooja, Fenixwork
Got a lot of good profiles
Overall experience with Internhsala was awesome. We got quality resumes to shortlist from and properly formatted other details.
Good response in summer months !
Manoj, Curiositi
The experience was good and we plan to make it an year long activity with the help of Internshala
Ashish, Bachpan Banao
Overall great experience. Will post 2-3 different posts next time
Abhishah, Kronosis
Overall experience was really good. Got responses which were in line with requirement. Hope to recruit more intern through Internshala
Rahul, iBelieve Technology Foundation
Very good, reliable and quick
Anupam, Aapka Painter
I found the Internshala platform extremely helpful. It is a superb way of reaching out to right candidates.I am here for using this platform in the long run.Kudos to team Internshala !!
Sachin, JR Financial Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Overwhelming response from candidates, some very good candidates found.
Ankesh, Sidus Realty
Internshala is a good platform that helped us to reach out to a large audience quickly. We got a lot of relevant applications in a very short time. We hope to use Internshala again in future for intern-hiring.
For an early stage start up, quality interns are really valuable. We were able to find interns from Tier-1 colleges including IITs. Great product. Great execution.
It was quite a nice experience. Would love to use it again in the future.
Tanmay, Bridgedots Techservices Pvt. Ltd.
A professionally managed organization
Daksha, QuizWorks
My experience was good.
Yuktix Technologies Private Ltd
It has been very useful for me to gather better quality students.Thank You
Karthikram, Zebronics
Internshala services is helping Greenpeace in hiring right candidates for internship programme.
Greenpeace International NGO
Internshala is really quick in terms of response. It can partner organisation effectively in their Intern recruitment process.
Pankaj, HT Media Ltd
Easy & Quick platform for hiring interns!
Nidhi, Spademark
Excellent platform which enabled us reach out to a wide audience
Vikas, Tapas India Foundation
I had nice experience in hiring people from here
U & Me Events and Creative Designers
Overall the experience with Intershala for this particular internship was excellent.I like the Dashboard and problem solving communication.I am happy with the no. of applications received.
LogicRoots Pvt. Ltd.
I had a great experience with Internshala. I never thought hiring interns was this easy.
Prudhvi, Future SEEDS
Internshala is the best site for hiring interns and we have used them all.
We are very pleased with quick response provided by Internshala. Also, newly added dashboard is very user friendly and is very useful. We wish Internshala a very bright future ahead. We will like Internshala to keep us updated with all latest features getting incorporated in the website.
Punit, ForeVision
We had a very good experience at Internshala, full of learning, while getting exposed to lot of things for the first time. We admire it as one the best service to bridge the gap between students and employers.Wish you luck and success
Mrityunjay, Career Launcher
No doubt, It is an amazing initiative, however, a seed germinates into a tree with time and constantly dedicated supervision. Internshala shall also germinate into a blossoming one soon. All the best guys! Keep up the good work.
Vaibhav, Chanderiyaan
It's great
Mukesh, Beingf
The Applications were very deserving. We will definitely use the service in future.Thank you.
Aditya, Vulcantronics
I highly recommend Internshala to early stage start-ups
Shashank, WHoZ high
Our experience with Internshala has been an excellent one, and we are very happy with their services. We will definitely be coming back to Internshala for future hiring of interns!
Prachi, Institute of International Education
I am very happy with the overall experience with the Internshala
Pranav, The Porter
It was really a great experience.Thanks to Internshala team.
Weekendr is a frequent user of Internshala services and are proud to be associated.
Vibhor, Weekendr
Thanks a ton to Shadab and Sarvesh for their excellent work. I am extremely impressed with the entire process managed by Internshala right from posting the internship to extending the offer letter.
Vasisht, 3E Solutions
Internshala provides serious and dedicated applicant to the company .
iManiac Technologies
Service you provide is really good. Many student from well know colleges do use it extensively. Good work.
Sampada, IIT Bombay
Working with Internshala have made easy for Greenpeace for hiring candidates who were willing to do internship in NGOs and also we have hired right candidates for right place.
It is amazing and I got good response
Great concept! Amazing reach! Keep it up.
Gaurav, Intelivisto Consulting India Pvt.Ltd.
We have used Internshala multiple times and it has been a very satisfying experience for us. Quality of interns is good. New dashboard is user friendly. The whole process is easy and extremely time saving.Thanks!
Gaurav, BizResearchLabs
The platform is amazing!
GeriaCare India
Great experience overall. We received a good number of relevant applications and enjoyed using the website.
Anupriya, Ennovent
I have been with Internshala since May 13. And , I really appreciate the services..
Toukir, Dose Internet Media
I had a great experience have used few more intern finding websites but this is only one where I could actually find people I could hire
Ajay, Second Light
It is the 3rd time that we have used Internshala's services and we have always got a good response. For connecting to potential interns, it has been a great platform. We will be back again soon with more intern requirements.
Nivedita, Dirty feet
Keep going!! Great work!
Satyanaresh, NKG Info Services Pvt Ltd
Internshala's concept is very interesting. It is good to experience the platform on both the fronts as an applicant and recruiter. Keep up the good work and all the best for future endeavours
Krishna, ING Vysya Bank
Good idea , and better implementation.
Charu, Anant Computing
Seamless experience with a good talent pool. I hired a great intern hassle-free, now time for you to kick-start your start-up with rockstars as well.
Nimit, Aglastop
Good! We will be recruiting more internes through you
Anita, Conserve india
I had an amazing experience with Internshala. Within hours of posting the internship opportunity, I started receiving applications which is way far excellent and shows the trust factor of the portal amongst the students. Excellent work Internshala team!
AppSolute Digitech
It was great that Internshala provided everything specifically. Good user interface for filling application details.
RannLab Technologies
Overall experience has been good and the services being provided are awesome, like the one being of ability to call/mail through the application.
Dhiraj, Intella Web Solutions
Great platform to get interns
Michal, Scholarpass
Experience with Internshala was very good. Internshala is the best platform to find quality interns and that too quickly. We regularly use the services of Internshala as it seems to be the best among the other internship portals.
Abhishek, Edlogiq
you guys have a great product.Go all out and make it the de facto intern hiring platform. Keep learning, keep improving
Bhaskar, PurpleTalk
The talent of students who applied through your website is one thing which I liked the most. I am not sure how you do this, but keep up the good work. Screening the candidates is difficult in the competitive world, and I think your portal is one solution to it.
Sanjay, Industry ARC
You have and continue to provide talented students as Interns to our organization that helps us work effectively and contributed towards cause every day. We have good relationship with your employees in helping us for finding right candidates with supportive team.
Greenpeace India Society
Working with Internshala has been great, neat layout, clean & no frills UI just has everything to get the job done
Bhavana, Hogst Innovative Solutions
A perfect destination to get desired interns! And not just getting quality interns, but the overall service including ease of use dashboard, 24x7 team availability to assist during entire hiring procedure, makes Internshala our first choice.
Subodh, Insight Walk
Internshala has done incredible job. The pool of applicants for my internship through Internshala is very great. I bet no other can bring such pool of applicants.
Prudhvi, Future SEEDS
Internshala is an honest and transparent endeavour, which directly links the suitable candidates with companies. As a small organisation, our selection criteria was distinct and we could find the right candidates easily.
Sumit, Headway Solar
Great experience so far.
Shruti, Ecolibrium Energy
It's a pretty good site for getting quality interns.
Manish, Sanfoundry
Good service. Good number of applications.
As always great. Will be a repeat customer every time we look for interns.
Vaibhav, Laugh Out Loud Ventures
The whole process was just perfect. I would recommend Internshala to everyone.
Aditya, Delta Travel Solutions
The operational efficiency and the quality of service from Internshala is commendable. The best part about Internshala is that it has always kept things, simple, clean, logical and intuitive. Right from the form which helps us post an Internship on your website to the interface which lists all the applications received so far. Everything is very intuitive, well thought off and user friendly.
Mansi, Visual Ink
Great applications!! That's one thing you guys are supposed to do, and that's what you have done. :)
Yash, Blogtard
The team is responsible and professional and always helpful where possible. I have genuinely enjoyed my engagements with Internshala so far.
Allison, Ennovent
The no of applications that we received was phenomenal. Also, the internshala team was always available to answer any queries! Great service.
Apurv, Wizmunk Gifting Services
I have had a decent experience hiring interns for our young startup called Piconect. The number of applications was good enough for us to scroll through. Though some of the quality we expected was not there in the candidates, however since the number to choose from was good enough, we landed on the right kind of interns. Thanks, Internshala.
This is the only place where you can find interns for your companies; I would strongly recommend it to others.
Minal, XL Recruiters
We've received a really good number of applications from Internshala, thanks!
Trupti, Swasth India Services
The team that interacted with me was polite and very responsive. I saw Intershala as a partner in the recruitment process rather than just another company providing a service. Good job and keep it up.
Arjun, TheSportsCampus
Decent quality and great quantity. Fast response.
Shantnu, Docsuggest
We'll be using Internshala again for sure, simply because of its ease of use and great results. Good work.
Ravi, NotionInk Design Labs
Best platform to recruit high quality talent in a quick and affordable manner.
Impeccable response; I think the best we had with any internship site.
Sarvesh is always giving excellent interns from the premier institutions. We get enough applicants to shortlist, interview to evaluate the candidature for internship. Good work, Internshala. Keep the spirits up.
Deepa, AAUM Research and Analytics
Easy and effective way to hire interns from all parts of India. Excellent format of applications which can be easily managed. Friendly as well as professional relationship between Internshala and employer.
Mayur, Browsebroad
It's very good. I have been using internshala from my college days for searching internships and now posting internships. I think Internshala provides information about internships which are otherwise unavailable. This thing makes internshala a very good portal
Harshvardhan, Flutterbee
The dashboard is something which made my experience memorable with internshala. One of the best inertface they have. I am glad that we in India have internshala!
Pritesh, Rakshak Foundation
Good database. Timely responses and great selection of candidates.
Chandni, Heritage Investments
It's been a good experience working with Internshala. Most of the application received were relevant to our requirement.
Apurv, Flick2know
At we engage in a high level business and market research, and therefore we try to hire only the best candidates. Internshala has been wonderful and quality of interns applying through it is tremendous.
Gaurav, BizResearchLabs
We are glad to have an association with Internshala. The overall experience has been very good. The team has been highly responsive and helpful. We got a good response to our recent post on Internshala regarding the internship opportunity. Highly recommended!
Kavin, EnablingBiz eSolutions
Experience with Internshala has been great. Internshala is a great platform for hiring as well as for Interns to be hired
Gaurav, Thinvent
It was a great experience using internshala. we got a good number of applications. The dashboard is very useful to do a first level screening and it's a great idea.
Ajay, Second Light
Internshala has a good quality of intern applicant pool. I think its feature of dashboard, is extremely useful for shortlisting candidates.
iGovernment has had a very positive experience with Internshala. At a time when we were struggling to find candidates with an interest in the kind of work we do, as well as coming with the right skill set, Internshala provided us with a goldmine. The whole experience on managing multiple resumes and contacts was also simplified by the drive. Thank you for offering such a useful service free of charge, and we congratulate you on the great job you are doing.
Shreya, iGovernment
My experience was really great. Even if Internshala makes it a paid service, we will be happy to pay.
Manish Sharma, Delhi Technical University
Internshala is doing a great job by imbibing professionalism in intern recruitment.
Niranjan, Edufortune
Internshala had the highest response rates among all the sites where we posted our openings.
Aditya, SwitchMe
It was wonderful and team has been very supportive and informative on every small and big issue. Good work!! In future also we will be recruiting and recommending Internshala to have interns hired!!
Ruchika, Cosmic Bites
We consider that overall experience with Internshala was top class.
Saikumar, LRR Technologies
one of the best places I can find interns good interns easily not only in a specific stream but wide number of available choices.
Priyank, Avokado
Very helpful platform for students as well as for employers
Saurabh, Nippon Electric Company
The experience is good, and would like to post another internship
Dhruti, GoQuest Media Ventures
Internshala has helped us in finding right match for many of our projects. The reachability of the site is excellent.
Crescent Foundary
A good service filling the gap between students wanting internship and organizations looking for a good fit.
K. Sumathy, TIDE
Excellent! Great job by Shadab - for timely response
Rasika, Shilpa Architects
It was really good. We received good response but we finally decided to hire only Mumbai based candidate. Thanks for wonderful efforts & help. We really appreciate the Internshala Platform.
Prateek, Sapphire Venture Partners
Through Internshala we got a few very interesting internship applicants. We liked promptness with which you got back to us. It's been a pleasure.
Sumit, CampusDiaries
Internshala operates with a lot of professionalism. All my communication with Shadab (my POC ) was prompt and respectful. The whole experience of interaction has left me with a very positive image of the leadership that handles this portal.
Apoorva, Teach For India
Best thing about Internshala is the way you respond within a minute is excellent. we have hired three interns as per our requirement.
Prachi, TED Consulting
We have had a fabulous experience with Internshala. Hired a couple of very bright interns! Thanks to your awesome service.
Aarti, Hangrr
Internshala is actually a great platform. I wish you guys all the best
Ankit, Instaserve
The Internshala team is quite efficient and helpful. I was warned that our posting was late in the internship season, and that's probably why we didn't get any candidates. Will remember that the best time to try is Jan / Feb / March.
Kimi, Pointself
The experience is good and encouraging for us to post new openings for our organisation through Internshala.
Atul, Navjyoti India Foundation
Our first set of 5 interns, this summer are all from Internshala. For a start-up like us who can invest very nominal resources and expects quality work, Internshala has been of great help by connecting us to individuals of caliber and the right aptitude. Putting together a good team has been the biggest challenge for our rustic travel firm - we are still facing great difficulties in terms of recruiting full time employees. But thanks to Internshala, we know who to turn to for all our Intern needs. Thank you and we will get back to you soon.
Nivedita, Dirty Feet
I congratulate Internshala for reaching to a position where its services can no longer be ignored by its intended audience. I previously thought that Internshala mostly caters to the engineering crowd, but, I was proved wrong when I received some fantastic mix of applications for a vacancy that was mostly legal.
Ashish, Breaking the Code of Criminal Procedure
I am thankful for the applications I received. It's a great way to get across to internship seekers, and the process was clearly stated and there was enthusiastic support extended in response to my queries. Great going.
Prachi, Vision Leadership
Internshala helped us getting some of the qualified interns we required for our internship offers to the students across India and definitely reduced our hiring effort. We wish the Internshala team great success in the future and hope they will continue providing quality interns to the industries.
Kirti, Olympus Opto Systems India
Very professional, prompt in response.A dependable source to get quality people.
Senthil, GRE EDGE
I liked the quality of applicants that we received through Internshala for our internship.
Ira, 9.9 Media
Useful, to the point and seems a decent enough catchment that uses - it's easy to use and understand
Irshad, NDTV WorldWide
The Internshala team is excellent and a pleasure to work with.
Vaibhav, LOL Ventures
The sheer number of applications that we received through Internshala as well as their quality and geographic breadth far surpasses that of any other internship posting website that we have used. A simple and seamless user experience.
Suren, Tourlandish
My overall experience with Internshala was really good.I really appreciate how easily you are reachable through email and how you take prompt action. When compared to any other website which is doing something similar, Internshala is way ahead. And the number of applications I got within a week was really impressive. I hope the website keeps growing.
Akhilesh, Scrappy Ventures
This was first time we had openings for intern. publishing the requirement on Internshala was an obvious choice. The response and quality of application was quite good.
Amar, Sugoi Labs
Fantastic! I had no idea I would get such a response. Once I get my business up and running, I would certainly pay for such a service. Thanks to your whole team for all the help!
I really felt the response, communication and intern I found on internshala are much better than any intern portal .
Shobhit, DIY Motrpart
Internshala is a quality and no nonsense internship portal we have been using over the last 1 year to recruit interns. If you are a recruiter, this is a good portal run by competent people to source interns. If you are college student, you are missing our if you are not in internshala!
Venkatesh, Money-Wizards
An excellent platform, both for students as well as organizations like us. It certainly offers reliable and verified opportunities for youth who are otherwise unsure of the organizations that they wish to join. Intershala team deserves all credit for playing an important role in guiding and linking youngsters with right kind of opportunities to learn and grow.
Tarique, TISS
It was great to have been connected with Internshala. On behalf of my organization, I would like to thank you guys!
Sakshi, Outline India
Help in internship JD write-up and aggregation of resumes in excel sheet are very unique and useful.
Arunkumar, Philips Research India
Satisfied with Internshala's reach to get interns across a spread of domains including software engineering, mobile app development, HR and marketing
Soubhagya, Grayroutes
Pretty quick & good.
Abhishek, ACK-Media
I was overwhelmed with the applicants response I got considering that most of the students would be busy with their college. Inspite of that, Internshala promised a good response, and as always I was not dissapointed one bit. Keep up the great work, Guys.
Arun, PasteOnMyCity
Very responsive and enthusiastic team
Sonali, Solaron Sustainability Services
Thank you for the service provided to us by the Internshala team. It has been helpful to us. We really appreciate how your network provides us with a alert when we have a new application. We would love to continue with your service in the future too :)
Hansika, Monk Prayogshala
Extremely professional & operationally well managed company. Congratulate the team for being so efficient and for adding value to our organisation.
Jasmeet, iExperience
The services were prompt, and the communication was excellent. Dashboard made it easier for us to shortlist. All in all, an excellent service. Thanks!
Gandharv, Lumos Design Technology
We were very satisfied with the type of responses we received for our post at Internshala
Nidhi, ALifetimeTrip
Internshala always brings the best and the brightest. It is great to find a pool of talent through Internshala resource. Thank you for bridging the gap between the talent and the industry/sector.
Nisar Fathima, FDR
We have been using the services for last 4 months and we are extremely satisfied, with the launch of your new website its a breeze to shortlist and hire candidates and ensures a seamless communication with them. Add to the fact that the staff back are available always on your SOS calls
Anmol, Entrust Finance
As always, Internshala fills the temporary void of a HR Unit in Weekendr. Kudos to the great efforts.
Vibhor (Weekendr)
"This is an amazing platform to get students from various backgrounds but of similar interest! Thanks you, Internshala, for all the prompt responses to get interns which actually made ease our internship process. Thanks a lot ! And we expect more kind of collaboration in future"
Centre for Public Policy Research
We really liked the problem being solved by Internshala as it's a lot easier to reach out to interns by this medium. Moreover, instead of having several ways of being in touch with possible interns, Internshala has become a one stop portal to maintain their list.
Nishant (91Mobiles)
Very impressive!
It's a good portal and even though I had tried it only one time , I would definitely recommend the same to my peers. Would return back to you guys once the need of intern arises."
Himanshu (PumpkinSafari)
Internshala is group of awesome professional, who are always ready to help you. Their communication is awesome. Wishing you guys good luck."
Sourabh, (Odigma)
We have no idea where and how this vacancy is being circulated, though I am amazed the kind of response we get in such short time every time we announce vacancy.
Sharad (World Comics India)
Our experience with Internshala was very good, got quality candidate profiles.
Vinayak (Vins India Group)
The experience was good as before; simply loving your services.
Toukir (Dose Internet)
Awesome! Shadab-- a star! Fast & efective communication!
Dipanshu (GetEchoed)
Nice website with specific goal to get interns for business. Loved your services
Vatsal (Trivia Softwares)
Good job, guys!
Shor Sharaba
Internshala is doing execellent work. Keep it up
Kapil (Voicetree)
The overall experience was good, be it giving the guidelines how to host the internship to sharing a offer letter template.
Sadeep (Presto)
The experience was great. The team responded to all queries in time. They also communicated step by step. Good that I chose you to find an intern.
Smiriti (Travel Chronicles)
Hiring interns, today has become an integral part of every organization but at the same time, getting the best and desired set of interns is very complicated and at times frustrating too. Now, this process becomes simpler at Internshala, with the first hand information they provide about every intern. I must say, mandatory question by Internshala, i.e. Why you should be hired? works like a charm. It has saved 60 to 70 percent of our time. With their prompt service and resourceful dashboard, Internshala has become our first choice for hiring interns.
Subodh (Insight Walk)
Your portal rocks. It was so hard for me to get good interns otherwise (despite having other resources). I owe you a treat whenever we meet :-) I really want to thank Internshala for making it possible for me to reach out to fifty high-potential candidates within just a couple of days. Normally, managing to get in touch with even five good candidates, interested in our work, would take me nothing less than a month.
Prashant (Founder, The Learning Point)
Internshala is the website to go with when you are looking for interns in India. It's simple, fast and working. I wish you all the best and hope I will be able to use your services again.
– Kostyal (Scholarpass)
Internshala reaches out to the best universities and thus the best students where we now have a problem of choosing the best among the best. This is a good problem to solve though :)
– Hemanth (Imaginate Software Labs )
Internshala is a very good resource for both companies and students. The service from the team is excellent: prompt and useful. I would recommend it to any company looking to hire interns or for students looking to find a good fit for their internship.
–Myshkin (Biosense Technologies)
Internshala is much more than just blog on internships, unlike other internship portals, Internshala describes an internship opportunity in a way that students and corporates like. As a startup, my personal experience with Internshala has been very good. Internship applications were much better than expected.
– Nagesh (Mangosense)
Internshala gives employers a reach to an entirely new audience of “interns” which otherwise is not possible to reach. It is quite good to know that they have a good brand recall and even after the closure of the posting, we got a few responses.
– Shivaram (36524 Gurukul Services)
The team was very professional and quick in their work. I liked the focussed attitude of Internshala which made it quite sleek for my team to work with. The dashboard came in handy when I had to shortlist. Overall, I was quite happy that we recruited through Internshala.
– Lohit (Phyzok Learning Solutions LLP)
I haven’t seen any internship portal as effective as Internshala. Wish you could have started this long back to reduce pain for many. Superb response. What amazed me is the quality of the applications received within such a short span of time. Truely, Internshala is second to none.
Divir (Founder, flick2know)
It’s good. I am happy with services.
– Sahu (KC Robotics)
Internshala is a great avenue to find college talent. The outreach and quality of applicants is the best.
– Lowkonect
Overall amazing response and reach from Internshala!
–Amit (Cobboc )
First experience..pleasantly surprised!
– Aditi (Digital Academy)
As always, good.
– Hari (InterviewStreet)
Well, your way of providing services can be used as a benchmark for any other service organizations. Also kind of response that you are giving to our queries…in short great..!
– Nayana (Saltmangotree CMC)
Good website and proactive employer relations communications.
– Sonali (Solaron Sustainability Services)
Your dashboard is just excellent. Really helpful for startups and big companies alike. Overall experience was great. Absolutely no hassles. Thank you!
– Nishant (Wiinnova Software Labs)
It was a great experience.We received much more applications than expected and were thus able to choose from a larger pool. Thanks Internshala.
– Tarun (IIM A)
I just loved the easy to use interface, and the good quality of interns that I met through it. Its really an awesome customer experience I must say. Go places.
– Vivek (NuPinch)
We got a lot of applications, which took us a while to go through. There were several good applicants, and one or two exceptional ones.
– George (Flow Edge Financial Solutions)
Good place to look for interns.
– Vinod (Learncircle)
The overall experience with Internshala is quite good and most often we receive good relevant profiles for all the positions.
– Gangadhar (inoXapps Mobile Solutions)
The experience was amazing.
– HR (Techpreneurs India)
Very good experience in terms of reach as compared to other internship portals.
– Nitin (
Overall I was pretty satisfied with the responses and especially the intern I got.
– Anurag (Floshowers)
Internshala is excellent. Two areas differentiate them from others: the quality of the talent and their willingness and ability to solve our hiring problem.
– Kulranjan (Palmspire Technologies)
Good experience…prompt responses from the team, who paid attention to the write up, going to the extent of adding a few opening lines. Much appreciate the support you guys provided.
– Venu (New Rubric Solutions )
The experience was great. I received more applications than I had expected, even though I was late to put up a notice on the website.
– Lumos Design Technology
I’m using this service second time and would continue to use in future too. It’s awesome. All the best :)
– Kulhar
Intershala is excellent portal and I recommend its services.
– Rameshwar (Wesmarty Infotech)
A fantastic portal with a great dashboard.
– Adarsh (AIndra Systems)
One of the best institution to get quality students, this was my first experience with Internshala, the response were too good, this initiative will improve the quality standards more.
–Vinod (BPL)
The personal touch that you have in your service pushed me to actually try out your platform.
– Srijan ( WriterBabu Online Services Pvt. Ltd.)
It was a great experience, Internshala is a professionally driven organization. We look forward to use their services again in the future.
– Gurmeet ( BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
– Anbu Sethiya (ANEW)
– Go Sports Foundation
Thank You for providing your full support.
– Chandra Pallaka ( )
It was good; exceeded my expectations.
– Niaz (
An excellent team, they are always on their toes to help you find the right candidate for your Internship. A professional and dedicated team to say the least.
– Mukul (Work N Hire)
It’s a nice experience using Internshala to reach out to student community and get profiles of interested students directly with ease.
– Jagan (ClickDesk)
– Levin Lawrence ( S G Analytics Pvt. Ltd.)
Really nice.
– Ankur Khera (Tickzo)
Quality of applicants through Internshala is extremely high. Kudos to Sarvesh and Ruchi – you guys are focusing on right things. Less bells and whistles but very high utility.
– Sailesh Jain (
An excellent, convenient way of reaching out to a specific set of students and young professionals.
– Swaniti
Excellent experience.
– Hari (Interviewstreet)
Very nice, good quality responses and interns.
— Pragmatum Training Pvt Ltd
Awesome and great. Keep up the good work.
– Vibhor (WeekendR)
Dashboard is awesome. Pretty convenient and easy to use. I’ve already started recommending Internshala to the people around me. All the best :)
– Kush (Kulhar)
Internshala is one of the most user friendly portals to source interns. Dashboard feature is really great, and makes life easier.
– Tej (Mobiotics)
Internshala is an amazing platform for students and organizations to search and post internship opportunities. The website sure helped AIESEC increase its outreach making more people aware about international internship options.
– Charu (AIESEC)
Great platform. Very very satisfied. Big help to our business.
– Varun (Eccentric Engine)
Just to sum it up in few words we found the services, turn around time of the team at Internshala to be very prompt and good. In terms of satisfaction I will rate it to be very good and I hope the team will work with the same zeal and keeps on the good work done in the past.
– Mukesh Kumar (RCPL)
FDR could attract the brightest minds through Intershala. This is a very good platform from where we could engage the best minds from various streams. We congratulate the Intershala team for such a great initiative.
Nisar (Foundation for Democratic Reforms)
We at Youth for Policy and Dialogue had an absolutely brilliant experience hiring through Internshala. The organisation is extremely efficient and thoroughly professional. Its excellent services can certainly motivate many other youth-led organisations across the spectrum.
Srishti (Youth for Policy and Dialogue)
The response from Internshala was prompt and it was a very good experience overall. The process of screening the applicants became less tedious because of the fool-proof procedure followed by Internshala.
Pradhyo (Musicperk)
Great place to connect with the talent and hire interns!
Vishrut (Flutterby Services)
This is really a useful platform, for both employers and students looking for internships. Really helped me to find suitable profile candidates for the offered opportunity. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Shefali (VMock Inc.)
I received more than 100 applications through Internshala. The overall experience was much better than a regular job site, I must admit.
Prashant (Italyx Ventures)
My second time with Internshala and another great experience. I am amazed by the reach and effectiveness of this portal. Keep up the good work.
Vibhor (WeekendR)
It’s a great idea for start-ups like ours to find interns on time.
Samiksha Gupta (
You people are really doing well, keep it up! Thanks a lot for your services.
Amit (school campus Technologies)
Quality resumes and a strong response!
Rishab (Musejam)
It was a wonderful experience. The quality of applications received were up to our expectations. Will definitely use Internshala for all future internships at Callbackers.
Rubal Chib (Callbackers Pvt. Ltd.)
Excellent. A huge response within no time. I will definitely use it for the the next hiring session when I have more time at hand. Thanks a bunch to your team!
Swetha Akhnoor (Teach for India)
Very pleased. We got very relevant results from your services. Our overall experience with you was very satisfying. Personal attention was given to our needs.
Ajeeth Peo (Spark Overseas Education)
Internshala is an excellent service, free of charge, and yet the quality of the service was great.
Tomomi, Svasti Foundation
This was my first experience with Internshala and it was pretty impressive. I am spellbound by the reach of your site and would recommend it as a perfect utility for all start-ups.
Vibhor Gupta (WeekendR)
Kudos to the Internshala team. My organization has been able to attract quality talent for various functions through them. We look forward to hiring more interns through Internshala and wish them all the best for the future.
Anil Amesur (Fyne Dyne)
The number and quality of applications received was really good! The dashboard helped in first screening the candidates. Wishing the team at Internshala great luck for future!
Gaurav Gupta (C2B Research & Advisory Llp)
Internshala introduced me to a set of talented interns. The interface is just right, not too cluttered – and the new features such as the Question-Answers are very useful. Internshala has a user base of very high-potential students at this point.
Prashant (The Learning Point)
Internshala has been of amazing help for us with highly professional and quick communication standards and perfect quality of applicants.
Ritesh (Oravel)
We had a very valuable experience with Ruchi and Sarvesh from Internshala. There was timely response and a complete understanding of whatever queries we had. Through Internshala, not only did we get the intern we were looking for, but also saved the time and cost from wandering over other portals. Great work and keep it up!
Anshu (i3indya Technologies)
This is a good platform to connect students with the industry. Would recommend.
Ujwal (Supr iLabs LLP)
Brilliant Initiative! All the best.
Kiran (VCreate Logic Pvt. Ltd.)
Great means to connect with the students. Quick response from the teams. Professional management.
Vishrut (Flutterby Services Pvt. Ltd.)
We really feel that Internshala is an amazing site which makes it very easy for both employer and trainees to get the candidate of their choice. The format which comprehensively displays each candidate’s details is very helpful in sorting quickly. The portability to Excel makes the things even more meaningful.
Ashish (AchiraLabs)
One of the very few, rather the only comprehensive internship portal available on web I’ve witnessed so far. I wish Sarvesh had founded this is in my college days, seeking an internship wouldn’t be such a pain then! As always, the quality of the applications was awesome. Look forward to hiring more and wish great success for their new product Internconnect!
Divir (Flick2Know Technologies)
My overall experience has been excellent. I really liked your interface and applications. I would use it again and also recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
Mansi Kalra (
A fantastic experience overall. The application process and the quality of the dashboard were very good. I would be glad to give a glowing recommendation!
Krithika Muthukrishnan (New Rubric Solutions)
I need to thank you and your team for a splendid work done for us. We got 16 students applying for internships which is more than we can accommodate. I want to sincerely help you out by referring to other companies.
Levine Lawrence (Progressive Media)
I have been quite satisfied with the kind of profiles I received through internshala, as well as the overall experience and hence would like to congratulate the Internshala team for the good work. You guys are doing a great job, and I would love to contact you again in case of any intern requirement that pops up in the future.
Nipun Sharma (Indus Insights)
As a startup, it is always difficult to find good interns who can be the future employees. We have posted our internship requirements to Internshala. We are overwhelmed by the number of quality applicants in a short time. Internshala is doing a wonderful job by connecting startups with the best students from IITs, NITs and reputed Engineering colleges. I appreciate internshala for its commitment to serve the student community as well as private industries. Best wishes for Internshala.
N Balaji (Founder & Director, GeoKno)
Internshala is a first of its kind dedicated internship finder service that I came across. Sarvesh, the founder is not only passionate about what he does, but all the services provided – understanding what the internship is about, making internship descriptions look more attractive, providing feedback on responses, personally recommending certain internships to departments of relevant institutions are perfect. Internshala also has superb ‘After Sales Service’ in that it follows up with companies and students that have used its services, looking to constantly improve.
Rajiv (Enfrien Solutions & ReeCharg)
Thank you for helping us select good interns. I think Internshala is providing a great service t the student community by offering them a window of opportunity to do internship with leading organisations. We hope to keep interacting with you in future, so that the student community and OSDD benefit from our interaction.
Zakir Thomas, Open Source Drug Discovery Foundation
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality of the candidates and the ease of use of your Excel. In the beginning, I was leaning towards having the candidates send their resumes directly to a Kulsara email id. I am certainly glad I did not do that. Thanks again.
Founder, Kulsara
I used Internshala to recruit summer interns at my start-up technology company. Within a week of placing the advertisement, I received dozens of high-quality and relevant resumes from the best colleges in the country. I appreciate the fact that the folks at Internshala spared the time to market my internship posting by adding a few line of their own and also followed up with me regularly to guide me through the process. I would definitely use their services again.
Dhananjaya Dendukuri, CEO, Achira Labs
Internshala is a really good initiative as it brings opportunities and interns to a common platform. I was very impressed with the reports that were collated and shared with us. That helped us shortlist candidates for interviews in record time.
Smita (CoFounder, RangDe)
I have approached Internshala to recruit few interns in some of our projects. I am absolutely happy with the response rate. I must say that this initiative has very much benefited us in reaching out to the talented and passionate students across the country. Thanks to Internshala! We now have 3 people working as interns with us.
Rajesh (Founder, Aaum Analytics)
We got a better-than-expected number of resumes and the quality was surprisingly good too. As a result, we did not have to post on any other forums. Further, we realized that a few colleges were tracking Internshala and applied for internships directly. Hence, we will continue posting internships in the future on internshala since we do get an access to a large pool of candidates. Thank you again for this service.
Gandharv (CoFounder, Alitum Solutions)
Internshala is a very good site for finding interns. It will be definitely an asset to all the freshies. I congratulate the Internshala’s team for their support.
Arun Raj (Founder, Velocimetry)
Got a good response from Internshala. As far as the numbers go, I must have received close to 25 resumes. That’s a very good number.
Partha (Founder, theDealspoint)
Following Internshala’s blog, AIREP has received numerous requests for internships, which will help us in executing the arduous initiatives taken up by us, and shall also be immensely beneficial to the students as they will be getting exposure to the real rural India and an opportunity to understand the problems being faced at the grassroots level.
Ashutosh (AIREP)
The Internshala team enabled us to hire the right talent suited for a particular project requirement we had at Biosense for the summer. The quality of applications received was excellent, and the process from the Internshala team very well thought through and executed. Definitely highly recommended!
Myshkin (Biosense)
I would like to thank Sarvesh@Internshala for simplifying the process of hiring interns for our company. This service of Internshala has reduced a lot of HR man-hours for us in getting connected with potential candidates from premier institutes across the country. The courteous support from Sarvesh, Ruchi is greatly appreciated. I wish Internshala grow and serve more companies and more students in the years to come.
Sudarsun S (Burning Glass)
Internshala has been really helpful. We have got quite good number of applicants through Internshala. We want to thank you for your efforts and wish great luck to Internshala for future.
Nidhi (Classroom2Boardroom)
There two things which are special about your site when compared with other sites of similar nature. First one, your genuine interest in helping students find a meaningful summer internship. Second, your Tips and suggestions for them to get good internship. Our experience in using your website to invite Interns is extremely good and we look forward to some long term association. Your writing skills really help people to get clear picture about what they can expect from a specific internship. Keep up the good work:-)”
Venkat S M (Butterflyfields)
The concept of Internshala is quite novel. So many quick responses (almost 12 from various streams) in such short time was unexpected. Institutions/NGOs like ours will benefit greatly by getting easy access to knowledge pool of relevant people (like technical/ management). As a platform it can be beneficial in many ways. I hope internshala will reach out to to many organisations and encourage the culture of internship which will be mutually beneficial.
Jytoi Mhapsekar (Stree Mukti Sanghtana)
We appreciate your initiative and efforts to connect students with industries through the wonderful platform Internshala. We we wish you all the best for your services. If we can be of any help to you, please let us know.
Venkatesh (Little More Innovation)
I am deeply impressed by the interns of Internshala. You will be surprised to learn that an informal bonding has evolved in the course of our interactions and this helps their formal commitments to ACMI a lot…
Nirmala (ACMI)
The posting was quite useful. We received a good number of responses from students showing interest in the internship. It helped us in reaching a wider student base, all over India – especially from students from good colleges but in remote locations. Thank you very much for posting our internship at
Yogish Lavanish(VEPL)
Thanks to Intenrshala we could zero in on a intelligent young resource. Ashish is a very good and hard working programmer and he is miles ahead of even tenured programmers. We are grateful to Internshala for helping us hire Ashish. Please do let us know how we can assist Internshala in its endeavour. We would be glad to help you. Thank you and Wishing Internshala the very best!
Srikanth (Little More Innovation Labs)
…I want to go on record to say how amazing, clean and systematic your service (is). Please keep up the good work and ho(p)e to definitely work with you in the future…
Badri Parthasarathy (mHealth)
Internshala is a wonderful platform for getting highly talented interns from IITs, NITs and other good universities for start-up companies like ours. Highly appreciate the team in writing the impressive blog content about the company and managing the data for recruiting the interns. It was very useful for us in getting the interns for our product development team. I recommend the companies who are looking at hiring interns to use internshala platform and get enormously benefitted from them. I wish the whole Internshala team a grand success in their endeavour…
Vijay (Vinfinet)
First Bridge is a start-up based in the San Francisco Bay area providing analytics to financial advisors. We used Internshala to find interns from IIT to help us with statistical modeling. Internshala was very quick to respond to our request and very proactive in soliciting feedback from us through the process. We received a number of quality applications and were able to select a student who met our requirements.
Aniket, First Bridge
I had a very positive experience overall with Internshala. The overall process was quite streamlined and quick.
Lakshmi Rao (Founder, Tesseract Financials)
I am delighted by the response which I got from internshala & persons who had applied for it. Out of them two have been given assignments because they had responded to my mails. A third one will start doing the work after 15 Dec.
JP Dabral (Himalayan Chipko Foundation)

I am a 3rd year student of IIT Kharagpur. I found out about Internshala very recently and I just wanted to say that it’s a very, very helpful initiative. I am sure you get hundreds of mails everyday inquiring about internships, well I thought you might like a ‘Thank you’ mail amidst of all those. Trust me when I say out of all the startups I have come across only this one made me write this e-mail. Congratulations and thank you! Keep posting! :)
Parmeet Kaur (IIT Kharagpur)
I’m a third year undergraduate student from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus. I have been selected for an internship in The Defence Academy, Cranfield University (CDS internship) in UK for this summer. I would like to thank you guys for bringing to my notice the CDS internship through your website. This is a great job you are doing, keep up the good work! I have been recommending this website to all my friends and I find it really useful. Thanks and regards.
Gaurav Duggal (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus)
Team Internshala is really doing a great job to help the students all over India. It’s really cool and also offers the best learning experience. Even the contests you put up help in exploring the skills of an aspirant at its best. I’m really honoured to be a part of it. Keep up the good work. All the very best Team Internshala!
Mohit Kukreja
I’ve been selected as a Khorana Fellow for the summer of 2012 (Khorana Scholarship, US) and I’m thrilled to the nth degree! A million thanks to Internshala because that was where I first saw it! Thanks, thanks and many thanks!
Priya Darshini
I have bee associated with Internshala for a long time now. I just read the last few lines and they made me feel really thankful. Internshala is one of the best web resources which helped me. I am still looking for a six month internship and your help is a big boon. I am really grateful for this awesome work. Thanks again.
Akhil Gupta
I’d like to say that Internshala is the best site on the web for internships and thanks to you, a really neat compendium of internships is available on the net. Also the expert talks and team diary are really interesting to read.
Abhijit Muley, IIT Roorkee
Thank you Internshala. In an age when it is easier to secure a core job than to secure a core internship (for electrical guys), you really helped me in getting a second core internship in a span of 6 months. Thanks again.
Prudhvi Potuganti
I am a UG student at University of Delhi. I was browsing through your site and found it very useful for college students. Thanks so much for such a wonderful website!
Vipin Patel
A million thanks to you, brother, for creating such a big repository of information. It has really helped engineering students like me who are from colleges with no reputation or strong peer group and lack of guidance. Even though I haven’t got internships that I have applied for from your website, at least now I know that there is some information about internships available to me and I can keep trying till I get one. Thank you, great job, keep it up.
Darshan KG
You guys are doing a great job for students like me. Keep it up!
Abhineet Kumar
Thank you for Internshala and its valuable contribution! It was more than helpful.
I am presently working as an intern with APCA Power. I would like to thank the Internshala team for helping me bag this opportunity. One exceptional thing that I noticed at Internshala is your personal response at each and every query posted by students. This implies that one has to put a lot of time and effort (daily!) to keep answering these queries. Anyway, I again thank you for the brilliant concept of Internshala and hope it continues to help students connect with the industry.
Vaquas Qureshi
Your website is really nice. I was stuck at home without any internships at hand. But Internshala is great; had I seen it a few months earlier I would have at least tried a little harder to get an internship. But great work!
Adya Kashyap
Came across your web portal today. It’s an amazing concept and I am sure that it will help a lot of freshers to get an opportunity to hone their professional skills required to make a mark in the corporate world. Congratulations!
Priti Taneja
I really like the internships at Internshala. It is a great platform for students like us to find valuable internships. Keep up the good work.
Rutu Mehta
I sincerely want to thank you on behalf of all the students like me across India who are being helped by you. Your Herculean effort in helping students interested in doing internships is really appreciable and commendable.
Vijayshree Dwivedi
A few days ago, while searching for an internship, I came across Internshala. Your website is the best one I have come across. It has all the information I was looking for. First and foremost take a bow for the great work you have done and are doing! I have applied to many good places (even those of which I was totally unaware a few days back) Thanks a lot! And secondly, keep up the good work :)
I have been religiously following Internshala for the past five months and it has assisted my sister and a number of friends for their summer and winter internships, hence my sister and I are grateful to you. You are doing a terrific and much-appreciated job for students.
Shripad Jagdale
Your information on internships has been a great help to me. I have done enough internships and am planning to pursue higher studies. Many of my friends have also benefited through your website. Let your service continue and I am very thankful to you.
I would like to thank you as Internshala has been extremely helpful; actually, it is the only thread that I have been following to look for internships.
Shruti Gandhi
I would like to congratulate your team for such a nice initiative, really commendable and very helpful for the students.
Srishti Shrivastava
I have been visiting Internshala for about 8 months. I thought of congratulating you about it earlier also, but surrendered to hesitance. Today I saw two things on the website- the Harvard Berkman Internship, and the team diary where I learned you have quit your job for Internshala. I respect you for that. Well, I felt exactly like you about the Berkman opportunity- too good to share. I feel your initiative is genuinely worthwhile and I applaud you for that. Count me in the list of followers you can reach out to someday.
Anubhuti Gautam
Came across your website; it is very fresh and innovative, as well as useful. Have seen some pretty good internships! I am a 4th year law student and it is a great tool to know about some of the government internships you have put up on your website!I have suggested it to my friends also!
Sruthi Srinivasan
I just came across Internshala. It’s awesome that you had such an idea. Actually I stumbled upon your site as I was looking for an internship for myself. So I must say that your site has good visibilty.
Neha Vithaldas
I am very happy and heartfully congratulate on your success with Internshala. It provides enormous opportunities around different business specializations. Thanks for your dedication towards bringing change in the internship culture.
Narendra Kumar
Congrats for aiming towards and making operational such a meaningful online site, which should help students.
Surya Mahadeva
Thank you so much. Internshala is so good. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. It’s a great platform for students :)
Srinidhi Vasudevan
I discovered Internshala just yesterday. I really like this platform and even though I already have done some internships I can use some of your advice for planing my future. I wish I had discovered Internshala earlier!
Paulina Rudnicka
The information that you post on the website regarding internships is very helpful. I just got to know about it sometime back, and let me tell you, most of the information that you provide is really exquisite.
Divyanshu Singhal, BITS Pilani
The website “Internshala- Internships that matter” is great! The level of understanding that you have is amazing. An internship is as important as the course itself and can be a gateway to an executive placement. Thank you for all your efforts to make it easier for us interns.
Internshala is very useful for students like us. Thank you.
Suba Palani
It is a real help for a student like me to know about the internships and the organisations posting them. An easy go, which saves lots of time and energy (both physical and monetary). I loved it. You are an example for the saying “Youth can bring change.
Prerana George
Got to know about Internshala from Linkedin. I really liked it. Wish I had known about it during my PG. A really nice effort to help all the students for meaningful internship across the globe.
Shweta Chhajed
I came to know about Internshala a long time back and found it really a great help.
Renu Tyagi
Happened to check out your Facebook page recently and am impressed with the amount of information it provides. Thanks a lot for all the help.
Gautmi Sonty
I am Ajay Kumar, a pre-final year student in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Congratulations for coming up with such a good idea. I am also looking for a summer internship and I find your website extrememly useful.
Ajay Kumar
Just chanced upon your venture Internshala It’s amazing. It’s a nice little idea. Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.
Pritam, IIT Madras
I am Nitesh, doing my Masters in Social Work from Ignou (regular programme). The article and the initiative taken by you to inform the students about internships in different areas is really a praiseworthy effort.
Nitesh, IGNOU
I have been following your website for quite sometime now. I must say that its one of the best sites for those looking for internships. Updated frequently and personalized mails! Amazing!
Siddharth Mall
First of all thanks to you Sarvesh for the wounderful information on Internshala. I was hunting for internships but the one i got here was no where to be found!
Deepisha Kanthed
I really like the new and varied internships programs you post on the website.
Chirmi Acharya