Together with Earth Day Network India, Stone Soup, Bhumi, and Adore Earth, it’s time to do your part for the Earth! From pledging to reduce your carbon footprint, being a composting eco-warrior, and minimising bird starvation to spreading awareness about conserving energy and other environmental issues, take action now to make a green difference!

Who’s eligible? Anyone who has the will and passion to make our Earth a better place :)
What’s in The Green Volunteer Revolution?
10,000+ volunteering positions
Join the green team because your
simple acts = big impact
Social work certificate
Earn a prestigious social work certificate by making the Earth a better place
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Karuna Singh
Regional Director, EARTHDAY.ORG
EARTHDAY.ORG is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with partners in 190+ countries to drive positive action for our planet. Our programmes aim to regrow green cover, refresh air, reduce & manage waste, encourage a switch to green energies, and build environmental stewardship among our youth.

I strongly believe that volunteerism is the primary engine that can help 'Restore Our Earth' with green acts. Be a responsible citizen for Earth and remember, every act counts!
Karthee Vidya
CEO and Founder, Team Everest
Team Everest is one of the biggest youth-run NGOs in India. Our vision is to inspire every Indian to volunteer and create a culture of volunteering in India. Our 'Feed a Bird' initiative aims to save birds from hunger. These little winged friends of humans help us in so many ways and add beauty to the world we live in but many of them starve and die.

We believe in the power of endless love every person has and want to tap that potential to make a real difference in this world.

Padma Subramanian
Trustee & Head, Stonesoup Trust
At Stonesoup Trust we believe in collective awareness towards sustainable choices. We are your typical middle-class working women who discovered the connection between our waste and the ailments that were troubling our children. With the help of our volunteers, we have diverted 12 million pads from landfills, 10 tonnes of wet waste is composted in our composters daily, and there are 5 million fewer plastic bags in the world because of our cloth bags. Join us to create a sustainable and green world.

Know more about the campaign

The Green Volunteer Revolution features impactful volunteering opportunities around environmental issues. You may take a look at all the opportunities and apply to those you feel the most connected to. Your application will then be received by the respective organisation(s) who would then individually communicate the next steps to you.

So, hurry up, find your calling and apply to volunteer.

All the programs are of a short duration of 1 week to 6 weeks. Please check individual programs for specific program details. 

These programs are open for all. Anyone who wants to make a positive change for the environment can apply.

None of the programs requires you to go to an office, all of them are virtual in-nature. However, some degree of human interaction in and around your community might be required.

Yes, the only skill required is the willingness as well as your zeal to volunteer.

Yes, you may apply for as many programs as you like.

Please write to us at and we would be happy to help.