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    Learn 7 most in-demand technologies in one virtual lab that you can access online throughout the semester. Equipped with state of the art tutorials, online practice environments, and expert support, Internshala Virtual Lab provides the ultimate learning experience to a student and gives your career a head-start. Affordable, enjoyable, anytime, and anywhere - don't miss this one!

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    Read fascinating tales of previous interns and learn what it takes to intern at places like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, ITC, Coca-Cola, foreign universities, media houses, famous NGOs & political parties, and more! Who knows these examples may inspire & help you to land your own dream internship :)

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    The most practical guide to land an internship.
    If this does not get you an internship, NOTHING will. Take a print, frame it, leather bind it and preserve it, because these words of wisdom, coming from someone who secured 8 internships in 15 months, are something that you would like to pass on from generation to generation and tell them - This is how it is done! :)

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