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Our Vision

Internshala is a dot com business with the heart of dot org.

At the core of the idea is the belief that internships, if managed well, can make a positive difference to the student, to the employer, and to the society at large. Hence, the ad-hoc culture surrounding internships in India should and would change. Internshala aims to be the driver of this change.

Internshala is different things to different people-

For million plus students struggling to get a meaningful internship every year, Internshala is a friend, a mentor, an affectionate senior, and a boon.

For thousands of organizations that use Internshala to hire interns, we are a pleasant surprise, a benchmark of the world standards in customer service.

For outsiders (a chance visitor, media, investors, friends and acquaintances) Internshala is the next big thing coming out of India’s start up stable.

But internally, we are a bunch of entrepreneurs trying to solve a very hard problem – the (near)failure of India’s education system.

Meet the team

Sarvesh: The one who started it all. It takes a lot of guts to create a start up and he's the one with all of it. Meet the CEO. Yes, he's got loads of patience and humility. But on that once-in-a-blue-moon day when he breathes fire, no one dares to tread his territory. He's a master manager and rightfully at the helm of affairs at Internshala.

Shadab: The one with the poker face. He can crack a hilarious joke with the straightest face and an equally lame joke with a hilariously delighted face. Sarcasm runs in his blood. Don't take our word for that, talk to him and you will know (we will gladly pass you his number, just ask).

Vikram: The one with the humility. The monk in the team; he probably goes into a trance once he sets his earphones in and starts coding. The only times he comes out of it is when either the CEO calls him or he needs to check the latest football news.

Shekhar: The one with the impeccable taste. His whole world revolves around traffic. During mornings and evenings, he battles the fierce traffic on roads. In between he strives to increase the 'traffic' on Internshala. This towering Bong is the gourmet expert in the team and worships the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Deepak: The one who’s a fitness enthusiast. He’s the man behind the awesome Internshala Trainings. He defines his life in mere 3 sentences- 'Hails from Mumbai, Studied at IIT KGP, and Stuck at Gurgaon'. A meticulous planner, he plans his weekends a month in advance.

Ankur: The one with the ever-smiling face. He’s got a singular expression on his face- a smile. An indispensable member of the Tech team, he never refuses to any fun activity. Play cricket, he’s in. Play poker, he’s in. Play coding, he’s definitely in!

Aseem: The one with the patience. Prima facie, Aseem's slender frame gives an impression of a freshman sitting in a class of final year students. But his mighty brain handles all the complex technical aspects of Internshala. Mostly soft-spoken, this lad gets brutal only when he is playing Counter-Strike.

Radhika: The one who’s a Potterhead. While she says that she does all these volunteering work and stuff on weekends (and her photos on Fb, Instagram prove it), we think that the product manager actually spends all the weekends indulging herself in delicacies and food. Mischief Managed!

Vinayak: The one with the perseverance. Fondly referred to as the Sheldon Cooper of the team, he is the product manager for Internshala Trainings. A modern physics aficionado, he worships Stephen Hawking and loves playing the grammar Nazi for the team.

Murthy: The one with the big dreams. He is a dreamer with eyes towards the sky. He mostly stays in his woven world and there are only two things that pull him out of that- his family and his laptop. Though he swears that he loves coding the most, we have our suspicions.

Gaurav: The one with the travelling-ka-keeda. Apart from growing a ponytail and taking leaves to travel around, he usually spends his energy in managing the product and disturbing the team for rewriting this description. A gym aficionado, he eats anything according to his in-built calorie counter only!

Shirish: The one with the talent. No, he’s not the ‘Rohit Sharma’ of our team; he actually performs when the team needs him. A workout fiend, he loves his strength training sessions (though he doesn’t look like one). An ardent Arsenal fan, he can be found awake even in the wee hours of the morning.

Nimisha: The one with all the popularity. Apart from being the most popular among the employers, she’s also the unofficial samosa vendor of the team. At times, you may even receive e-mails with the rhyming lines, courtesy of our Lady Milton! And when it comes to playing Antakshari, no one can hold her back.

Shobha: The one who keeps to herself. This doesn’t imply that she’s taciturn. On the contrary, you will always find her talking on her phone, with which she seems to have a ‘saat janmo ka rishta’. Though the HR insists that she talks only to different candidates, we are not entirely convinced.

Amar: The one who loves to explore. You’ll never see him sitting idle; either he will be coding or exploring places. And yeah, never ask him out on a lunch date because you’ll end up only with a glass of juice- his staple food.

Manas: The one who lives in his novels. He’s a foodie who doesn’t trust people who don’t love dogs. He’s the writer in the team, who blushes inadvertently whenever someone addresses him as the Editor-in-Chief. He also keeps making plans of joining a gym, instead of actually going to one.

Kavya: The one who writes poems. This bibliophile believes that she’s the perfect example of Incredible India; a Mallu, who’s spent most of her life in North India, and loves Chole-bhature more than Appam! A proud PETA member, she loves good food and her cooking skills prove it.

Pratyush: The one who invented the potato song. He’s known for his funky t-shirts and aesthetic design sense. A friendly warning - Don’t try to mess with his hair; he’s overtly obsessed with his dreadlocks!

Prashant: The one with the charming smile. Known for his calm demeanor, this lazy developer will be the one to rescue us if we ever get attacked by the aliens by using his composed mind while the others frantically run here and there. His notion of a perfect weekend includes watching science fiction movies and playing computer games all day long.

Saumya: The one who's a self-proclaimed psychology expert. Ms. Funnybones of the team, she can lighten up the mood of the entire office with her chirpiness and sense of humor. Name any funny video clip or Rock ‘n’ Roll song and she would have already seen it. A trained dancer from Shiamak Davar’s academy, she believes in the mantra of ‘just chilling’.

Aarti: The one with the fighting spirit. She’s the only girl coder in the team, and a great one at it. A party enthusiast, she’s the first person to sign up for an outing. She brings fierce energy into every task - from competing in sports to decorating the office.

Nishtha: The one with the self-assurance. She’s the chatterbox of the team. It’s highly unlikely that you will get a chance to speak when she’s talking. If there’s something she’s more afraid of than living away from home, it’s the canines. She remains an important member of the content team.

Siddharth: The one with the sweet tooth. If he is asked to choose between a box of sweets and his parents, then after eating half the box, he would apologize to his parents. He’s a trained Tabla player who also excels in sports. He also thinks he’s funny; however, this talent is yet to be proved.

Nitin: The one with all the expressions. He loves surprises. (Eh? Did you say I have to inform beforehand to take a leave?) When he steps on the dance floor, his expressions dominate everything else. Also, he needs to be reminded when he’s actually cracking a joke.

Sapna: The one who loves animation. Thanks to her sweetness, half of the student team is diabetic. The word hard-working is an understatement for her. If you want to see her rare, excited persona, take her to an animated movie. She is also a great singer.

Ferhan: The one with the dance moves. Fondly called as Aslam, he loves to doodle in his free time. If you want to see his uninhibited self, just play a song, and he will own the room. He can also give complex to girls with his silky hair. Just don’t open your lunch boxes in front of him- you will REGRET it.

Swati: The one with the enthusiasm. Fondly called as ‘Nishtha-2’, she can speak all day long if given a chance. Looking at her wardrobe one might think she lives in Antarctica! In addition, she swears she can eat shahi-paneer for lunch for a whole month.

Shivani: The one whose staple food is​ rajma chawal. Famous for creating and gifting unique handmade gifts in college, this designer is passionate about various art forms. An expert in confidently calling others by wrong names, she's crazy ​ for ​ kaju katli and other sweets.

Shubhangi: The one with the positive vibes. Fondly referred to as Dabangg Didi, she is known for her sense of humor and unintentional swag. A movie freak and a big time foodie, she doesn't know how to cook but can make everyone else to cook for her. She also hates Indian attire and hasn't worn a kurta till date!

Deepa: The one who's a rockstar. Hailing from Nepal, she's a hardcore rock enthusiast who loves to play bass guitar. Apart from traveling and hanging out with tribal population, she dreams about witnessing Aurora Borealis (Northern Light) someday.

Aamir: The one who loves debates. Yes, the similarity with the actor doesn’t stop just at the name. Aamir is an avid reader who has opinions on every matter and doesn’t shy away from voicing them. Being a coding enthusiast, his ideal weekend is the one in which he can cook up new codes.

Kishalaya: The one who's​ always late. A startup enthusiast, he even founded a​ Student Activity Cell in his college. He loves travelling, binge watching movies, and ​giving ideas (Whether they are actionable or not is an altogether different story!​)

Uday: The one who designs jewellery. He's an ardent follower of Roger Federer and is always ready for playing a tennis match. He prefers sweets over pizza or burger and enjoys watching YouTube channels like TVF and EIC.

Aakash: The one with the ​Punjabi Tadka. An ardent Manchester United fan, he believes that the day is not far when his team will win Champions League once again! His whole life revolves around food, and he believes that making food is a science.

Milit: The one with the inbuilt s̶̶̶n̶̶̶o̶̶̶o̶̶̶z̶̶̶e̶̶̶ booze alarm. A part-time senior manager and full-time transport facilitator for colleagues from Delhi, he says "Khidki se kood ja" at least 10 times a day! The unofficial marketer of Downtown Microbrewery, he spends the most of his time convincing people for coming to a party. Though he's the only unavailable Bachelor in the team, you wouldn't believe it if you were to meet him - such is his swag!

Vinay: The one who prefers the music over lyrics. A tech enthusiast, this socially-awkward geek enjoys a wide range of interests like beat boxing, photography, and eating sweets until he isn't surrounded by a whole bunch of people. He also loves to travel - not to tourist destinations but from his home to office - yes, he spends 5 hours daily commuting from Ghaziabad to Gurgaon!

Avinash: The one who turns into Kumbhakarna on weekends. A collector and keeper of mementoes, he still has his first toy car and most of his LEGO set. A big fan of Marvel and DC universe, he sleeps all day long on weekends and spends his nights on gaming, coding, and binge-watching TV shows.

Kopal: The one whose spirit animal is a sloth. A huge FRIENDS and Roschel fan , she swears that she can never go on a break with her sleep - even during office hours! She calls everyone as 'bro' - yes, even the guys who don't  want to hear that - and dreams of finding her  lobster, a cute dog, someday. Caution: In a meeting, although a rookie in the field of hacking, she can make you feel that your soul is being  hacked  if you dare to look at her while she's taking notes.

Mayank: The one who's a s̶e̶l̶f̶-̶p̶r̶o̶c̶l̶a̶i̶m̶e̶d̶  handsome hunk. Hailing from Lucknow, this daring guy takes his name a little too seriously and keeps arguing with the fellow product manager who's a pistol shooting champ! An avid swimmer and badminton player, he aspires to become a CEO one day.

Harsh: The one who hates bike rides. A huge Manchester United fan, he once played FIFA with his friend for 14 hours straight! He loves FRIENDS and has watched the complete series thrice. His zodiac sign is Leo and he thinks that he's awesome (we would rather not comment on the authenticity of this).

Arun: The one with the inquisitiveness. Apart from improving the number of married members in the team, he also improves the video content quality of our online trainings. He likes learning about new technologies and googling unknown Indian historical facts. He's also been an accidental wedding crasher and would love to tell you all about that!

Bhupesh: The one who follows No Shave November every month. Yes, you heard that right. He rarely clean shaves - not because of some undying love for beard but for when he shaves he looks like a kid. (Parthiv Patel vouches for this!) Moreover, his inner child surfaces time and again in the form of his love for gaming. Be it Counter Strike, Need for Speed, or Blur, he's always game for it!

Shantanu: The one with the caffeine addiction. He's a startup enthusiast and food connoisseur. The opposition seems to be happier when he comes to bowl during a cricket match - such is his talent! He's not good at small talk and prefers to spend time with animals instead.

Anamika: The one who's the girl next door. A big fan of Youtuber Mimi Ikonn, she dreams about traveling the whole world and settling in New York. A firm believer in the concept of sharing happiness, she brightens up the mood of the whole room with her infectious smile.

Sabir: The one who idolizes Master Yoda. This Star Wars geek is fascinated by the simplicity of great designs and believes in breaking traditions. In the never ending journey of creating the perfect design, he has stumbled, fallen flat on his face, and gotten up. Although he has been r̶e̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ trying the same novel for almost 3 months now, he swears he likes reading and this is just a ‘phase’.

Hitaarth: The one who’s terrified of cameras. Yes, he's more likely to kill the photographer than getting clicked. Also, unlike other mortals who carry lunch boxes, this foodie carries his whole bag for lunch every day! A football enthusiast who dons German colors, he enjoys going on long rides on his bike.

Ankita: The one who loves glass paintings. Obsessed with Psychology, she loves to watch Criminal Minds and Suits. Owing to her petite physique, resourceful nature, and spectacles, she reminds her friends of The Incredibles, and so they call her ‘the go-to Edna’. 

Samay: The one who loves Sher-o-Shayari. Hailing from Chandigarh, he actually loves trekking & adventures and doesn’t say it just for the Roadies audition. Ironically, he’s stuck in the dusty streets of Gurgaon now. A dramatics enthusiast, he misses doing street plays and makes up for it by his theatrics in everyday conversations. A fan of Ghulam Ali’s works, he tries his hands at poetry from time to time.

Mahima: The one with the Maggie hair. Chocolates are her weakness, and she gets bribed for doing others’ work in exchange for them. Nowadays, she even brings free chocolates for us – so you can imagine how much bribe she has taken over the years! She enjoys dancing to cheesy numbers and dreams of owning a Harley Davidson someday.

Aparna: The one with the shooting skills. When she’s not playing with her pistol or sweating in Volleyball ground, she reads different books on Economics like Fault Lines and The Undercover Economist. Her favorite pastime is  w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶A̶b̶ ̶T̶a̶k̶ ̶C̶h̶a̶p̶p̶a̶n̶ ̶ using apps like Dubsmash and Pinterest. She likes to read and implement haircare tips, which is evident after taking a look at her Rapunzel-esque hair.

Kunal: The one with the calmness. A Motorsport enthusiast, he's your go-to guy for anything related to F1 and MotoGP. After building a racing car devoid of any errors, he now handles the responsibility of finding errors in the internship posts. Intrigued by the field of Artificial Intelligence, he has also decided to study Psychology somewhere down the road. Reading books has enabled him to remain sane amidst the chaos of this world.

Sushmita: The one who tries her hands at everything. To say she loves talking would be an understatement - the whole team can vouch for that. She likes to go on long drives on a bike, and listens to the songs of Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi when she needs some peace. Her gluttony for meat never comes in the way of excelling in sports - be it Softball, Handball, or Football tournaments! Planning to lure her away? Just bring a pup, and it's done!

Raghav: The one who talks in cliches. If traveling was free, he wouldn't return home - but it's not and so he's working in the meantime. This wannabe writer is so lazy that he couldn't even write 2 lines when asked to write this introduction. Yes, the irony is not lost on us.

Amanpreet: The one who's usually her bubbly self. Yes, she stays cheerful in every situation. We believe that she watches quiz shows like KBC every night; after all, asking continuous questions is her favorite pastime! She's also an adventure junkie and so when she's not involved in social work, she's either traveling or playing sports.

Aayushi: The one who's a self-proclaimed culinary expert. A complete foodie, she claims to have tried every famous (and not so famous) food joints of Delhi. Though she doesn't know cooking herself, that has never stopped her from being a food critic! An ardent fan of Coldplay, she likes to turn the music up, losing herself in the songs while shutting the outside world - after all, every teardrop is a waterfall.

Smriti: The one who needs her 'Me time'. An awfully quiet girl and a closet poetess, she gives the 'I'll kill you if you talk to me' look until she decides to reveal herself. And if she makes fun of you continuously, you can finally count yourself as her friend! A big-time bibliophile, she reads so much that her mother has to lock up all her novels in a cupboard. Shhh...her mother doesn't know about the e-books on her phone!

Unnatti: The one who's haunted by humans. An aspiring novelist and a Haruki Murakami aficionado, she has read Sputnik Sweetheart 31 times! She is more comfortable with horses than humans and can't sleep without reading a few pages every night. She also claims that she's extremely weird - living in her own Norwegian Wood, with her chronicles, on the shore, thinking about what are men without women - and we can't deny that!

Yashita: The one with the knack for facing challenges. A Lakhnavi Punjabi who's a pure vegetarian, she likes debunking the stereotypes associated with her. She's always bubbling up with new ideas, especially when it comes to stalking her loved ones on Instagram! An active member of AIESEC, she likes playing bluff and football. She also prefers Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma over Game of Thrones - we'll let you guess whether this is another of her bluffs.

Anirudh: The one who prefers writing over talking. This football fan can watch re-runs of  Alfred Hitchcock  movies all day long; a true  Psycho  indeed! He also likes eating curd rice while listening to his favorite bands - ABBA, Dire Straits, and Green Day.

Shubham:  The one with the penchant for acting. After frustrating his friends with his PJs, nowadays he frustrates our HR by not providing more than four words when asked to write this introduction. Shy at first, he can talk a lot once he gets comfortable. He likes dancing and reading and wants to be associated with acting in one form or the other.

Satyadeep: The one with the myriad of dreams. An introvert who's passionate about software development, robotics, and blogging, he aspires to become a teacher in the future. He's also an avid reader, who dreams of starting a huge library in his town, a library consisting of lakhs of books and a full-fledged computer centre.

Parinay: The one with the perpetual gluttony. A die-hard fan of Linkin Park, he enjoys all genres of music; however, he becomes comfortably numb when it comes to rock music. Once he also decided to come out of his 'bhukkad' nickname -  he tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter - his friends (and of course, the food) made sure that wasn't going to happen.

Disha: The one who's a stationery freak. Her love for chocolates is unparalleled and she believes that she has a special entrepreneurial spirit. She can't sit idle and so she keeps making plans to travel the world - how much she actually travels, we would rather not comment!

Akshit: The one with a weak spot for candlelight dinners. Apart from traveling, star gazing, and trekking, he also loves working - yes, we'are not kidding (and hopefully, neither is he!). He's been a part of our ISP team for 1.5 years and is now the only team member to be featured in the two sections of this page!

Rishi: The one who's a daydreamer. Yes, you may catch him zoning out even during meetings and discussions! A traveling enthusiast, he loves watching a wide range of movies from classic Hollywood cinema to superhero flicks. He also loves disturbing the writers for changing this introduction from time to time!

Vandana: The one who travels a lot (in the metro). An ambivert by nature, she loves reading books, blogs, and stories. In her free time, she likes to make candles and bake brownies. If she had to select between going on a trip or spending time with her mother and sister, she would choose the latter instantly!

Charvi: The one who's the Monica Geller of our team. Yes, that's right. She has OCD when it comes to hygiene and so despite being a bookworm, you'll find her hooked on to sanitizer more than to the novels! She has a specific set of friends and likes to abide by her values.

Jayanta: The one who's an aviation enthusiast. A hopeless chai lover, he'll take you to Chaayos if you ever ask him out! This geek has also taken various French language courses and claims to be able to at least order food or ask for directions in Paris now! He also claims to be really funny although this statement is the only example we could gather so far for proving it.

Vaishali: The one who loves coding. A computer engineering student, she's the virtual intern who handles Programming with C and C++ course in Trainings. She loves talking and can make a quick rapport with anyone; when the talking doesn't help, she plays Basketball to relieve her stress.

Aamina: The one who likes to ̶ ̶e̶̶̶a̶̶̶t̶̶̶ smell butter. A big fan of the 'Rekhta festival', she loves Urdu poetry. Ask her for a black coffee and you will never hear a NO! She's leading a dual life - striking a balance between her college and office life. She believes that she has a pair of weird-looking little fingers and dreams to own the biggest collection of scents (not of butter!).

Aarti: The one who's the Dogmother of the team. Yes, she firmly believes in a quote said by Bill Murray - "I am suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person". She also tends to irritate people by shouting, "look, such a cute dog!" while having conversations and can't stop herself from petting every other dog.

Ayush: The one with the love for technology. A cricket fanatic, he likes to stay updated with all the latest developments and scores. He gets so immersed in his work that he even forgets to look at the clock (unless of course, there's a match that day!) He loves cracking ̶j̶o̶k̶e̶s̶ PJs and expects everyone to find them funny!

Sumit: The one who belongs to the School of Rock. This programming geek enjoys electronic, instrumental, and atmospheric music and occasionally obsesses over the original scores of films, TV shows, and video games! At times, he also dreams of composing music and playing the piano but hasn't actually done anything about it - except for his rendezvous with a Casio keyboard.

Our extended team members who are representing Internshala in their colleges, fondly known as the ISPs

Top performing ISPs - March

Vemana Institute of Technology, Bengaluru
Anurag Goup of Institutions, Hyderabad
Lendi Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Vizianagaram
KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Karnataka
Gudlvalleru Engineering College, Gudlavalleru
Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Pondicherry
S.B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Nagpur

Top performers of ISP 8.0

Chandigarh University, Kharar
MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram
Chandigarh University, Gharuan
Chandigarh University, Kharar
BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore
IES IPS Academy, Indore
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai

Dr. V G Idichandy, is Professor Emeritus (Former Deputy Director) at IIT Madras. Since the birth of Internshala, Professor Idichandy has played the role of an affectionate guardian, mentoring us at each step of the journey. His remarkable career at IIT Madras as a teacher and as an administrator (he was Dean Students before becoming Deputy Director) meant he has a treasure of knowledge when it comes to education (and what needs to be done to fix it) and the role industry-academia interaction can play in driving innovation in the country. His dream project, and perhaps the reason he identified with Internshala so much to lend his support, is to see at least 10% of the final year B.Tech Engineering projects happening in collaboration with industry which in his own words “even if it is 10 percent, the impact will rewrite the history of India”.

Naveen Kukreja is an IIM Calcutta alumnus (Class of 2001) and has a rich global experience in the field of Sales, Marketing, and Analytics in Financial Services domain. A start up enthusiast, he helps Internshala in defining medium to long term goals and staying on track plus actively connects us with people in his network.

GSK Chaitanya is an IIT Madras (Class of 2005) and ISB Hyderabad (Class of 2011) alumnus and a sound board for Internshala since early days. Pre-MBA, he has worked in the infrastructure sector across the spectrum of consulting, planning and execution. His vast network of friends and professional contacts has been a HUGE lifesaver and something that we generously tap into for everything that we need help on.

Kunal Jain is an IIT Bombay alumnus (Class of 2006) and has 7 years of Global Business Analytics experience. Owing to his structured thinking (a rare skill) and ability to always take long term view of things without losing sight of immediate goals, pretty much every new initiative at Internshala is refined basis his inputs.

Ankur Khator is an IIT Bombay alumnus (Class of 2005) and has 8 years of technology experience working with the giants of internet and software industry. He was Internshala’s first CTO (and co-founder) and played a critical role in setting Internshala up for success in its first year of operations and managed technical team and infrastructure.

Ashish Mishra is an IIT Madras alumnus (Class of 2005) and true technology enthusiast at heart with specialization in Web Application Development. Pretty much everything technical on Internshala has had his imprint on it. Be it the initial Wordpress blog that he had set up for us, or rescuing us from the security breaches, or the framework and architecture for the current portal; he is Internshala’s go to person for any advice on technology.

Nishikant Dhanke is an IIT Bombay alumnus (Class of 2005) and the first person to believe in the idea to actually put money behind it (and forget it :)). His support in very early days was crucial for Internshala to get off the mark and gave rest of the team confidence that they were going after a big enough problem that needed to be solved.

Ruchi Bhosle is in for the love of it than anything else. She was the first friend to help Internshala back in 2011 and donned many hats (marketing, employer relations, tech support, student support) since then till 2013 and played a critical role in setting Internshala up. She has done her B.E in Electronics from DAV Indore and MBA from SP Jain Centre of Management and has 88 months of work experience in-between.