Academia For Sustainable Development, New Delhi

Academia For Sustainable Development, New Delhi

Delhi, India


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Delhi, India
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About Academia For Sustainable Development, New Delhi

Academia for Sustainable Development (ASD) emerges as a vanguard institution at the confluence of visionary thought leadership and pragmatic NGO initiatives. Committed to India's progressive journey while safeguarding ecological equilibrium, ASD embodies an imperative for sustainable development, resolutely aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The duality of ASD's approach manifests through both macroscopic engagements with policy shapers and grassroots-level immersion within communities. The organization's strategic discourse with influential stakeholders fosters policy narratives that embed sustainability as a cornerstone of progress. Concurrently, ASD's grassroots interventions encompass collaborations with Self Help Groups (SHGs), thus nurturing self-sufficiency and empowering marginalized segments of society

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