Here’s what we have in store for you!
3,000+ internship opportunities with PPO
Convert your work from home internship into a job offer, that too in your preferred city.
Guaranteed stipend in all internships
Get guaranteed stipend in all internships and earn up to ₹1.8 lacs in the internship duration.
Early entry & cool rewards up to ₹10,000
Win 1-day exclusive early entry pass to WFH internships and cool rewards up to ₹10,000
Internships in your favourite profiles
Apply to internships in profiles like web development, marketing, and a lot more.
Dates to remember
27th to 31st May Participate in the early entry contest 1st to 4th June Apply to your favourite internships
Check out how these students kickstarted their career
Rishika Pandey, Market Research intern at CodeChef
It was a different and motivating experience at CodeChef. I could understand the practicalities of the business world and how different it is to learn away from college. I absolutely enjoyed my work at CodeChef and met some wonderful people.
My message to all of you is, “It's not that hard to find your dream place, what’s hard is to have a dream. Just know where you are and where you want to be, and which platform will take you there”.
Vikki Nayyar, Operations intern at boAt
I work with an energetic and a diligent team & get to learn how they think, assess risks & deal with them in real-time. It’s my first time working from home, & I can save my travel time & use it productively. The best part? My morning coffee with my family! I am fond of this quote "A hunter who chases two rabbits catches none". So, my message to everyone is, “Just stay focused on what you want. Work hard for it & I'm sure you'll achieve it.”
Mukul Taneja, Software Development intern at EazyDiner
My internship at EazyDiner has given me the opportunity to learn how an IT company coordinates and works together, especially a startup. This experience has given me a boost at an early stage of my career even before I can graduate from college. My message to everyone is, “Do not stop applying to internships, no matter how many rejections you face. Keep enhancing your skills side by side & work on things you feel you could have done better earlier.”
Know more about the campaign
The ‘Kickstart Your Career’ campaign features 1,200+ internships with job offers open exclusively for recent graduates.The campaign features internships in profiles like web development, marketing, and so much more. All internships come with a stipend and you can earn up to ₹1.8 lacs. You can apply to the internships from 1st June onwards.
The winners for the referral contest are Piyush Sharma with 5325 referrals and Raj Parikh with 898 referrals. 
Anyone who is a recent graduate can apply to these internships.
 The internships are available in multiple profiles like marketing, web development, content writing, and so much more.
Yes, there is no prior work experience required for these internships. Go ahead and register now to apply!
Yes, the internships will carry a stipend of up to ₹1.8 lacs in the internship duration.
The internships will generally be for the duration of 2-6 months.
Yes, you can apply for as many internships as you like, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.
No, it’s absolutely free :)
Please ensure that your friends also verify their email after registering. Upon verification only, your referral count will increase. Also, fake/duplicate entries will not be taken into account while giving out the rewards. In case your referral count is genuine but still is not increasing you may want to refresh your page.
Please write to us at and we would be happy to help.