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About Help And Hygiene For All Foundation

Our goal is to make basic menstrual hygiene available to menstruators. We aim to end unsafe practices during menstruation. We adopt menstruators below the period poverty line and avail them of period necessities such as free sanitary pads and educate them regarding period management until our adoptions are self-sufficient to buy menstrual products and not live a life compromising their health. Period safety is the right of every menstruator and we strive to make it possible through our continuous efforts. We channel proper resources toward menstruators and support them by setting out best practices. 1. To Provide: To provide free sanitary pads to menstruators below period poverty line. 2. To Adopt: We adopt and provide free sanitary pads each month to uplift an entire generation out of period poverty. 3. End Stigma: To empower women to put their hygiene requirements as a priority and to break taboos. 4. Educate: To teach and push people to openly discuss menstruation.

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