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About YummJoy Ventures Private Limited

Soon after the launch of our very first app, the YummJoy Home Food App, a platform that enabled home chefs to come online and sell their delicacies to all those who craved authentic home food, we were faced with a new dilemma. We were approached by multiple small business owners such as vegetable vendors, dry fruit sellers, etc., who were all looking for a way to sell their goods and services online. Faced with this new challenge, our team made it our mission to create a platform that would do just that. So Sellingly came into existence! We created a means to enable small business owners, and micro and nano sellers to come online instantly and connect with their customers. With our user-friendly interface and features such as multiple language options, ready-made products, etc., it became super simple and convenient for small sellers to run their online business efficiently. Now, they could truly be where their customers were!

Salaries and perks

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Digital Marketing And Lead Generation
₹ 3,000 /month
Web Development
₹ 5,000 /month
Web Application Development
₹ 2,500 - 5,000 /month
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
₹ 2,000 /month
Telegram Bot Development
₹ 2,500 /month
Technology Development
₹ 2,500 /month
Explainer Video Creation
₹ 2,500 /month
Digital Marketing
₹ 2,500 /month
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Flexible work hours
Informal dress code
5 days a week
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