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Getting Started
Q. How do I hire interns using Internshala?
  1. Register yourself as an employer here
  2. Post your internship requirements and wait for it to get approved
  3. Shortlist applications received in your account and hire awesome interns :)

Q. Do you charge money or have any premium services?
No. We do not charge employers or students at any point in time and do not have any premium services at the moment.

Q. Will you share the list/database of candidates with me?
We will share the list of students who have applied for your internship roles. You will be able to view their resume and contact details of the candidates on your dashboard.

Q. What is the hiring process I should follow?
We would recommend using an easy 3-step hiring process given below:-
  1. Review the profile on your dashboard and shortlist them according to their skills
  2. Share an assignment with the shortlisted candidates and review their work
  3. Conduct interviews (telephonic/video call) with the candidates and select the best one(s)
After these steps, it would be ideal to give them an offer letter. Hope you have a good hiring experience :)
Q. How do I change my organization details (company name, logo, website, social media handles, etc.)?
You can edit your organization description and logo in your account here.

In case, you want to make any other changes please drop a query here.

Q. How do I change my email-id?
Please write to us on employer@internshala.com from your existing email id regarding the change and also send a confirmation email from your new email id.

Q. How do I change my phone no?
You can change your phone number on the details page by entering the new number and verifying the OTP here.

Q. I wanted to create a student account but have incorrectly created an employer account. How do I proceed?
In case you want to delete your employer account and register as a student please drop a query here.

Q. Which document can I upload for account verification?
In case you are posting on behalf of an organization, you can upload:-
  • GST Certificate
  • Company’s PAN Card
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Shops & Establishment Act License
  • Udyog Aadhaar
  • Gumasta License
  • MSME Certificate
  • ISO Certification
  • Certificate of Commencement of Business
In case you are posting as a freelancer, you can upload:-
  • Medical License
  • Certificate of Practice (Bar Council of India)
  • Share/Stock Certificate
Q. How do I change the details of a live internship post?
It is recommended that you close the active internship and repost the same with the necessary changes. This is in order to avoid any discrepancy for the candidates who have already applied for the internship. In case there are any minor changes please enter your query here.

Q. My internship post is under review. What do I do?
Your internship status is 'under review' since we take upto 48 hours to review and process your internship post.

Q. My internship post's status is 'Follow Up'. What is that?
Your internship status reads follow-up since we require some details/clarification in order to make them live on the platform. Please check your inbox for more details.

Q. My internship post's status is 'Declined'. What is that?
Your internship might have been declined since it is not in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please check your inbox for more details.

Q. I want to repost my internship. How do I proceed?
You can click the Repost icon on the dashboard and post your internship here.

Q. I have not received any email regarding my followup internship. How do I proceed?
Could you please write to us here as your account might be unsubscribed from our mailing list or it could be a technical issue?
Q. Can you extend access to the students' applications I have received?
It is recommended that you post a new internship in case you still have open positions.

If you still want to extend access to your applications (for internships posted in the last two months) then please drop a query here.

Q. I incorrectly changed the status of a student application. Can you change the status of the student?
You can use the undo option as soon as you change the status of the student application. In case you are not able to undo the changes you can share the names of the students and the status change you want to make here.

Q. I am not receiving enough applications for the internships I posted?
Please find the best practices for posting an internship below -
  1. Intern's Responsibilities: You can make your job description more exciting by adding a few key pointers such as what the intern can learn from the internship and the perks
  2. Optimal Duration: You can consider providing internships of 2-3 months, as most applicants are interested in internships of shorter durations
  3. Optimal Stipend: Please provide a competitive stipend based on the standard of living of your location and industry standards
  4. Increase Visibility: Please share the links of the internship on your company's and other social media pages/groups such as LinkedIn, etc.
Q. Do you have any templates for offer letter or internship completion certificate?
Please find the links to offer letter template and internship completion certificate template below -

Q. The intern I hired is unprofessional or not up to the mark. What should I do?
Please follow-up with the candidate and take the issue up with him/her and in case it does not get resolved you can report the candidate for bad behaviour by navigating to his/her application from your dashboard.
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