What’s in it for you?
Exclusive and easy to do 1st year internships
Now intern in profiles like data entry, content writing, social media marketing, and more. Could it be any more easier?
Earn a sweet stipend of ₹20,000 or more
Now get that phone, guitar or that insane drone you always wanted, but on your own terms and with your money!
Simple, productive AND from your home
Yes, you do not need to step out. Just keep calm and work from home.
Early access contest and cool prizes
Participate in early access contest and win exciting prizes upto ₹10,000
Hear from 1st Year interns
Ujjwal Agarwal
My favourite hobby is photography and I badly want to buy a camera. So, with the total stipend that I will earn from my 1st-year internship, I’m going to buy a new DSLR. Then I can say - I paid for my new camera!
Kashish Mehta
With my hard-earned 1st stipend, I am going to buy the dress that I have been eyeing for months. I didn't know that earning from the very first year of college would give me such independence.

Nithish Venkatesh
Buying my parents a present is the first thing that I wanted to tick off from my bucket list. I'm glad that through Internships for 1st Year Students, I can do so right from the very 1st year of college.

Know more about the campaign
The top performer of the referral contest for 'Meri 1st Year Waali Internship' is Piyush Sharma with 2458 referrals, and the second-best performer is Karthick S with 412 referrals. 
Meri 1st Year Waali Internship campaign brings exclusive work from home internships for 1st-year students. To apply to these internships, you need to register above after which you can apply from 30th April to 6th May (deadline extended). All the internships listed will carry a minimum stipend of ₹20,000 in the internship duration.
All the 1st year students from any degree or stream are eligible to apply for these internships.
No, you are not eligible for these internships. You can register for 'Chalo India, Let's Work from Home' campaign and apply to other work from home internships. Register here - https://internshala.com/i/work-from-home
Please note that only referrals who verify their email addresses will be counted. No fake registrations will be rewarded. Also, in case your referral count is genuine but still it is not increasing you may want to refresh your page. If the problem persists, please write to us at contest@internshala.com
Easy to do work from home internships in profiles like content writing, data entry, social media marketing, sales, marketing, and other similar ones are available in this campaign.
Yes, there is no prior work experience required for these internships. Go ahead and register now to apply!
The only skills you need to apply for these internships are basic written communication skills.
Yes, all the internships will carry a minimum stipend of ₹20,000 in the internship duration.
The internships will generally be for the duration of 2-6 months starting from May - June'20.
Most of the internships are easy to do and do not require a laptop, a smartphone will also work. However, for a few internships laptop will be required.
Yes, you can still apply to the exclusive internships as all the internships are work from home where you’ll be required to work only for 2-3 hours a day.
Yes, you can apply for as many internships as you like, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.  
No, it’s absolutely free :)
Please write to us at firstyearinternships@internshala.com and we would be happy to help.