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Intern hiring tips and resources

Hiring interns: 4 simple steps to ease the process.
While having an internship programme is the best way to tap into young talent, hiring interns is no cake walk. The article throws light on 4 common situations you're likely to face when hiring interns and how to smoothly handle them.
5 questions you must ask while interviewing a prospective intern.
Hire good interns, and groom them to make them leaders. But how do find good interns? These 5 questions may help you get all the information required to take a final call on a prospective intern.
"Hire interns: they are always full of ideas and energy", Koshish, TISS
To us, as an organization, idea of working with interns is exciting. It means the possibility of something new being created. Very often, passion and commitment of the young interns elicited through this program can change them for better.
Yahoo! Internship programme: what makes it so popular?
Yahoo! gives a strong emphasis on hiring interns and giving them an amazing experience, since the company is aware of the pivotal role that leading companies have to undertake in bridging the gap between what one learns and what one is expected to do in real life.