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Intern hiring tips and resources

A Complete Guide to Hiring Interns for Your Startup
For startups, hiring interns is a great way to get some quality work done and explore some good talent for eventual inclusion in your company. But hiring interns, without any prior work experience to gauge their attributes, could be quite a tricky task.
5 questions you must ask while interviewing a prospective intern.
Hire interns, groom them, make them leaders. But how to find good interns? Keeping these 5 questions in mind while hiring interns should help you get all the required information to take a final call on your prospective intern.
An employer's guide to Internshala services
Before hiring, while hiring and upon hiring interns -- A few expert tips for employers make the best use of Internshala services in a quest of hiring intern.
Solving the Millennial Conundrum
While corporates hire interns to maintain a constant entrance of fresh perspective, managing Gen-X and Gen-Y at the same time in an organization becomes tricky for HR. A few quick tips by Vikram Sathi - AVP-HR, Hibu India - on hiring interns and managing Gen-X side by side.