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Frequently asked questions

The average cost of hiring an SEO expert depends on their level of experience:

  • The average salary for a fresher SEO expert in India is typically ₹5.8 LPA.
  • The average salary for a mid-level SEO expert is around ₹11 LPA.
  • The average salary for an experienced SEO expert is around ₹25 LPA.
  • The average salary for a freelance SEO expert is around ₹23k per month.
You can hire an SEO specialist within 48 hours by using Internshala's paid premium plan. This plan offers several benefits, such as unlimited job postings and access to all applications. Additionally, you will have the support of a dedicated relationship manager who can help with your recruitment process. The ATS system also allows for easy filtering and shortlisting of candidates.
If you want to enhance your SEO strategy and get more people to visit your website, it's a good idea to hire an SEO professional. These experts have the knowledge and skills needed to improve your online presence by making your website accessible on the internet through improved search results ranking.

Yes, you can post 1 free internship or job listing in a month. If you are hiring for numerous job roles, you can opt for the premium plan and post unlimited job/internship listings to accelerate your hiring process.

If you are an international employer (i.e. if your company is based outside India) you can sign up for our free trial which will allow you to post 1 free internship/job listing (in the lifetime). You will also get access to all our premium features, our world-class ATS, a dedicated relationship manager, and more with the free trial which is valid for 30 days. You can purchase the premium plan to post unlimited jobs/internships to hire quality candidates with ease.

You can hire dedicated SEO experts in India through Internshala. Follow these steps to start:

  • Join Internshala's 'Hire Talent' portal for free.
  • Post your job requirements for hiring an SEO expert
  • Easily screen applications using Internshala’s ATS and filters.
  • Communicate with potential candidates through the in-built chatbox.
  • Use Internshala’s hiring tools to schedule interviews.
  • Evaluate technical skills and qualifications during the interview process.
  • Shortlist top candidates and extend the offer letter.
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Hire Dedicated SEO Experts

Hire an SEO Expert

Do you know that organic web listings on the search engine results page get 73% clicks/traffic? While less than 1% of the users click on the second page of Google results. So, if you want to elevate your business’s online visibility and get the users to click on your website, consider including professionals skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) in your team.

Hire SEO experts who are proficient in developing SEO strategies, setting guidelines, and finding keywords that improve your website ranking. Here is a complete roadmap to recruiting the best talent for your business.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an SEO Expert in India?

The budget to hire an SEO expert in India varies for different organizations. It largely depends on factors like location, candidate’s level of expertise, skills, organization’s size of operations, and job specifications. Typically, the compensation of an SEO expert in India ranges between ₹2 LPA to ₹8.6 LPA, with an average compensation of ₹4.7 LPA. 

  • Compensation for Entry-Level Position: Compensation for entry-level SEO experts with 1-3 years of experience ranges between ₹2 LPA to ₹3 LPA.
  • Compensation for Mid-Level Position: For a mid-level SEO expert with 3-5 years of experience you may expect a compensation level of ₹4 LPA to ₹6 LPA
  • Compensation for Mid-Level Position: Compensation for a senior-level SEO expert with 5+ years of experience can easily go beyond ₹15 LPA

Checklist for Evaluating the SEO Experts

While interviewing a candidate, assessing their technical skills can be challenging. Here is a checklist you can follow to assess the SEO expertise of a potential hire:

  1. Technical Skills: Look for the candidate's familiarity with website architecture, mobile-friendliness, page speed optimization, and problem-solving approach in technical SEO.
  2. Keyword Research and Content Optimization: Evaluate the candidate's ability to conduct keyword research, integrate relevant keywords naturally into content, and create engaging, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content.
  3. Link Building: Check the candidate's knowledge of ethical link-building strategies and the ability to secure high-quality and authoritative backlinks.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Look for proficiency in using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track website performance and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Learning Mindset and Soft Skills: Assess the candidate's passion for continuous learning, critical thinking, curiosity, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and creativity, which are essential for success in SEO. 
  6. Past Work and References: Review the candidate's past work, ask for detailed examples of successful SEO projects, and contact references to gain insights into their work ethic and performance. 
  7. Assessment and Testing: Consider including skills assessments and technical questions in the hiring process to evaluate the candidate's technical abilities and knowledge.

How to Navigate Roadblocks While Hiring an SEO Expert

When hiring an SEO expert, you will come across various prospectors. Identifying which candidate is suitable for your company can be challenging at times. Here is how you can navigate roadblocks while hiring:

  • SettingGoals Inaccurately: If a candidate guarantees a specific ranking or #1 ranking, approach them with caution. It is difficult to guarantee ranking as one can not be a hundred percent sure if their strategies will yield the expected results. 
    • Pro Tip: Hire candidates who show confidence in their methods rather than results. It is a sign of professionalism. 
  • Inadequate SEO Proficiency: A candidate suggesting SEO keyword stuffing, low-quality SEO backlinks, buying backlinks, ignoring on-page SEO factors, and overuse of automation can be a sign of insufficient knowledge. 
    • Pro Tip: Look for a candidate who has adequate knowledge, follows best practices, and demonstrates the willingness to learn. This will ensure you have an employee who will invest their time in upskilling to enhance productivity at work. 
  • Lack of Communication: A candidate reflecting a lack of transparency and communication can result in disturbances in the future. Such candidates will be reluctant to accept constructive criticism and implement feedback. 
    • Pro Tip: Select candidates who are familiar with best practices for diverse communication modes, such as video conferencing, telephone communication, and emails. If you wish to hire a candidate who is not proficient in these communication methods, you can provide them with resources to familiarize themselves. 
  • Lack of Experience: In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical skills are essential to develop effective SEO strategies. Hiring a candidate with less experience may result in inadequate SEO performance. 
    • Pro Tip: If a candidate has a passion for the role and a willingness to learn, you can offer them an internship role or an entry-level position instead. This will ensure you have a trained candidate ready to contribute to your organization.

Should a Company Recruit an SEO Expert or Outsource Them?

Many businesses ponder whether to hire an SEO expert or outsource them. Both offer various benefits and challenges. However, your decision must be based on your requirements and hiring budget. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of both methods:

  1. Hiring an In-House SEO Expert
    • Pros: An in-house expert’s entire focus is employed on your brand and needs. They can serve you by analyzing your current strategies and implementing modifications. Additionally, an in-house SEO expert promises and ensures transparency in the decision-making process. It is best to consider them as a long-term investment that is entirely dedicated to your company. 
    • Cons: Nevertheless, when hiring an in-house SEO expert, you have to bear high hiring costs and challenges with employee retention. With limited access to skilled candidates, it gets daunting to hire a competent candidate. However, with leading hiring portals like Internshala, you can overcome this challenge efficiently. 
  2. Outsourcing to an SEO Agency
    • Pros: Outsourcing serves you with various benefits, such as cost-effective solutions and access to a team of experts with diverse skills and experience. An SEO agency offers you industry experts proficient with advanced tools, resources, and strategy-building abilities. 
    • Cons: However, with an SEO agency, there might be obstacles regarding communication and transparency in project-related operations. Additionally, the agency might not be able to resonate with your brand effectively and fail to meet your requirements. 

Choosing between outsourcing and in-house SEO depends on your requirements. If you are still confused, you can consider the hybrid approach and hire a team as well as an agency, leveraging the benefits of both. 

Hire an SEO Expert with Internshala in 4 Easy Steps

Internshala is a leading hiring platform that offers end-to-end recruitment services to employers searching for skilled candidates. The platform is equipped with world-class applicant tracking systems (ATS), an instant chat box, and a built-in interview scheduler to facilitate your hiring process.

Follow these simple steps to hire an SEO expert in India through Internshala:

  • Step 1: Register: Create an account on Internshala's 'Hire Talent' portal.
  • Step 2: Find Desired Candidates: List your requirements and explore SEO experts using our powerful applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Step 3: Connect & Interview: Use our built-in chat to schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates.
  • Step 4: Hire With Confidence: Streamline interviews and onboarding with virtual tools. Send offer letters directly through Internshala.
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