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Frequently asked questions

Internshala offers a simple and effective way to find the best employees for your team. Various services on the platform include free job posting, a dedicated relationship manager to help you with the end-to-end recruitment process, premium job postings, and much more. With Internshala, you can access the applications of numerous qualified candidates and hire the best React Native developers for your business quickly.
You can hire a React Native developer in India with Internshala in just 3 simple steps:
  1. Sign up on the 'Hire Talent’ portal and post your requirements for free.
  2. List your requirements to hire a React Native developer.
  3. Hire a suitable candidate from the applications received.
A react native developer is a front-end developer who uses the React Native framework to build a user interface for different applications. They possess knowledge of APIs and front-end architecture and can write scalable codes in JavaScript.
Yes, you can hire React Native app developers in less than 48 hours through Internshala by purchasing a premium job posting plan. The shortlisting process is streamlined with the help of various filters with our world-class ATS. With a premium plan, you will get access to a relationship manager to aid your recruitment process.
Yes, you post 1 free internship or job listing in a month. If you want to expedite your hiring process, you can opt for the premium plan and post unlimited job/internship listings.

If your company is based outside India, that is, if you are an international employer, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial. This will allow you to post 1 free internship/job listing (in the lifetime). Further, you will get access to all the premium features including, a world-class ATS, a dedicated relationship manager, and more. You can also purchase the premium plan to post unlimited jobs/internships to easily hire quality candidates.

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Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

Hire a React Native Developer

Approximately 95% of the top-grossing apps in 2023 have been made using React Native. So, if you want to see your app among the top-grossing apps on iOS and Android, then consider hiring a React Native Developer.

While more than 4 million developers work with React Native, finding qualified candidates who specialize in the software might seem like a mammoth task. However, with the help of this guide, you can easily hire top talent from around the globe to form an efficient and dedicated development team. Read on to learn how you can transform your team with the best talent.

Technical Skills to Look for in a React Native Developer

React Native developers should possess fundamental technical skills including proficiency in programming languages, frameworks, libraries, tools, etc. to perform their jobs efficiently. Here are some proficiencies to look for in a candidate when hiring a React Native developer in India:

  • Proficiency in Native Languages: React Native developers should be proficient in Native languages, such as Swift, Kotlin, and Objective-C.
  • Ability to Write Clear Codes: They must know how to write readable, consistent, and usable codes according to the requirements. 
  • Knowledge of Fundamental Concepts: React Native developers should have a thorough understanding of:
    • Popular Libraries like React Native Paper, Galio, UI Kitten
    • Frameworks like NativeBase, Nachos UI Kit
    • APIs 
    • JavaScript concepts like array methods, destructuring, arrow functions

Knowledge of these ensures that the developers can integrate libraries, frameworks, and real-time features into the applications. 

  • Familiarity with Tech Tools: They must be familiar with Native development tools, such as Sublime, Expo, Webstorm, XCode, Virtual Studio Code, and Android Studio

Best Practices to Manage a Development Team

India is among the top countries where you can hire React Native app developers. You can employ the following practices to manage an overseas team efficiently:

  • Onboarding: Communicate the objectives and vision of the project to new employees during the onboarding process to ensure the team members work towards a shared goal without any confusion.
  • Stand-Up Meetings: These are short meetings held at regular intervals for the team members to share the progress of their work. Schedule stand-up meetings to address concerns among the team members and streamline communication.
  • One-on-One Communication: Some team members may not feel comfortable bringing up individual issues in group meetings. You can conduct one-on-one virtual meetings with them to understand their problems better.
  • Synchronous Conversations: Find a common time among the different time zones where your team members can work together as well because efficient collaboration requires synchronous conversations.
  • Encourage Self-Management: Encourage the developers in your team to think critically and find solutions instead of completely relying on day-to-day instructions. This reduces the need for micromanaging employees and helps in making the team more productive. 

Full-Time Developers vs Freelancers: Who to Hire?

React Native developers are professionals who create front-end architecture, APIs, and more. But should you hire a React Native developer who works full-time or one who freelances? Here is a comparative study of both kinds of employees to help you make the right decision: 


Full-Time React Native Developers

Freelancer React Native Developers


Full-time employees are better if you have a higher budget to sustain long-term payments. 

Freelancers are a better alternative if you have a comparatively smaller budget. 

Employment Duration

If you have mid to large-scale projects or ongoing app development projects then you should look for full-time employees. 

If you have single, small-scale, or short-term projects, freelancers may be the right choice for you.

Project Requirements 

Full-time employees are suitable if your project requires constant updates and you need someone on the team for regular technical advice. 

Freelancers are helpful if you want skilled professionals to write the code for your app or work on specific portions of your app development project. 


When you want to hire professionals who can collaborate with your team on the project, look for full-time employees.  

When you do not wish to hire a team but need someone to update your apps, hire freelancers who can work individually. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Hire React Native Developer

Internshala is one of India’s largest hiring platforms. It is the best online portal to find talented developers for your development team. Take a look at the steps mentioned below to hire your next employee in five easy steps:

Step 1: Register on the ‘Hire Talent’ portal.
Step 2: Mention the role requirements (qualifications, experience, responsibilities, etc.) for the React Native developers. 
Step 3: Shortlist potential developers with Internshala's world-class ATS with advanced filters.
Step 4: Connect with shortlisted candidates instantly with Internshala’s in-build chatbox and schedule an interview. 
Step 5: Offer contracts to selected candidates and onboard them through virtual communication tools. 

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