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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Internshala offers the option to post 1 job/internship listing per month free of charge. If you want to post multiple listings to hire more employees, you can opt for the premium plan and post unlimited job/internship listings.

If you are an international employer, whose company is based overseas, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial and post 1 free internship/job listing (in the lifetime). The free trial will also give you access to all the premium features including, a world-class ATS, a dedicated relationship manager, and more. You can purchase the premium plan if you want to add unlimited jobs/internships to hire quality candidates in a cost-efficient manner.

The starting salary of a NodeJS developer is ₹4 LPA, and the average salary of a 1-year NodeJS developer is ₹5.4 LPA. With experience, a NodeJS developer can expect to earn up to ₹17 LPA.
You can hire Node JS developers on Internshala. You can choose from a pool of 1.7 million qualified candidates. You can also make use of advanced filters to search for the best candidates according to your work requirements and hire professionals quickly and efficiently.

The process of hiring through Internshala is quite simple. Follow these steps to hire a Node JS developer quickly:

  • Create a free account on the ‘Hire Talent’ portal.
  • List your requirements to hire a NodeJS developer.
  • Shortlist applications through ATS with filters.
  • Contact shortlisted candidates with instant chat boxes conveying more details about the job role, location, and time zone.
  • Use advanced tools such as interview scheduler and assignment tools to hire without hassle.
  • Select the best candidate for your team.
You should hire Node JS programmers to create customized back-end solutions and mobile and web applications. They can help you develop scalable apps in less time and help minimize your project development cost.
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Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

Guide to Hire Node JS Developers in India

According to a recent study, using Node.js can reduce development costs by 58%. This is because of its high performance, rapid development capabilities, and scalability. 

Businesses today are increasingly using Node.js to build payment gateways for various apps and website, e-commerce websites, and IoT-driven applications. If you wish to launch similar applications in the market in a short duration then you should hire a Node JS developer. These developers leverage the ability of Node.js to process several tasks concurrently on a single thread to reduce development time. This helps shorten the time to market or time taken from ideation to completion of the application. 

So, if your company wishes to upgrade its online applications, consider hiring a Node.js developer. Read ahead to explore the technical and soft skills of a Node.js developer, interview questions to ask, and how to hire one. 

5 Technical Skills A Node.js Developer Must Have 

Before you begin the process of hiring a Node.js developer, prepare a job description with details like role and responsibilities, required skills, and experience. It will help you find the kind of candidates you are looking for and you can shortlist them accordingly. 

If you are confused about which Node.js skills to include in the job description, here are five technical skills you can mention: 

  1. Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks: Your developer must know about the necessary frameworks in Node.js to be able to build a structural foundation for applications. Some popular Node.js frameworks include Hapi.js, Koa.js, and Express.js.
  2. Well Versed in JavaScript: In-depth knowledge of JavaScript is essential because it is the foundation on which Node.js is built. It is important for creating server-side applications. 
  3. Proficiency in API Development: Developing RESTful APIs is one of the fundamental skills of a Node.js programmer. This is because these APIs allow the application to communicate with other clients and services. 
  4. Understanding of Databases: Developers working with Node.js must be familiar with database management systems like PostgreSQL and MySQL to build robust applications.  
  5. Understanding of Web Technologies: Developers should know how to integrate web technologies like HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as Angular and React in the applications for enhanced user experience. 

Soft Skills to Look for in a Node.js Developer

Soft skills or personal development skills are necessary to work well in a team, avoid fatigue, and complete tasks with efficiency. Four must-have soft skills you should look for when you hire a Node.js developer include: 

  1. Problem-Solving Skills: Application development requires the developers in the team to possess problem-solving skills. This is essential because while writing codes, implementing changes, or testing, the developers may face some issues which then need to be identified and resolved.
  2. Communication Skills: Node.js programmer must communicate their ideas, problems, and progress updates to ensure an uninterrupted workflow. 
  3. Time Management Skills: Timely completion of a project is necessary to ensure that it gets launched without any delay. Assess and hire candidates who can manage their tasks well and catch up with the deadlines in case of delays. 
  4. Self-Learning: Professionals in the tech industry need to stay updated with the latest technology, tools, and trends to keep their knowledge and skills relevant. Find a developer who is curious about learning and keeping themselves up-to-date. 

3 Types of Questions to Ask When Hiring a Node.js Programmer

When you hire dedicated Node.js developers, assessing their skills is essential because you must know if their skills align with your project requirements. A good way to do this is by interviewing the candidates. Here are the types of questions you can ask a potential Node.js developer:

  1. Common Interview Questions: At the initial stage of the interview, you can ask some common personal interview questions to understand the candidate’s personality. These questions let you evaluate if the candidate can adapt to your company’s culture. 
  2. Technical Interview Questions: Asking technical questions is very important in an interview because it allows you to evaluate if the candidate possesses the necessary knowledge required for the job. You can refer to the top Node.js interview questions to assess your candidate. 
  3. Interview Questions to Analyze Soft Skills: During the interview ask problem-solving interview questions and behavioral interview questions to analyze the soft skills of candidates. 

How to Hire Node.js Developers through Internshala?

Internshala is India’s largest hiring platform. You can find qualified and skilled candidates for your organization with us. With the help of our world-class ATS and user-friendly interface, you can quickly hire the best Node.js developers, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the ‘Hire Talent’ portal.
  • Step 2: List educational qualifications, skills and experience that you are looking for in the Node.js developer you want to hire. 
  • Step 3: Internshala's ATS with advanced filters will help you shortlist candidates for further assessment. 
  • Step 4: Use Internshala’s in-build chatbox to connect with the selected candidates instantly and schedule an interview.
  • Step 5: Prepare and offer joining letter to selected candidates.


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